descriptionA Test Framework for Common Lisp in the style of JUnit, designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind.
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lisp-unit is a Common Lisp library that supports unit testing. It is an extension of the library written by Chris Riesbeck. There is a long history of testing packages in Lisp, usually called "regression" testers. More recent packages in Lisp and other languages have been inspired by JUnit for Java. Documentation is located in the documentation directory.
2016-12-27 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #38 from lukas-linhart/fix-readme... master
2016-12-27 Lukáš Linhartfixed minor typos in README38/head
2016-12-14 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'hotfix/assert-true-macro'Version-1.0.1assert-true-macro
2016-12-14 Thomas M. HermannGenerate an error in the internal tests.
2016-12-11 Thomas M. HermannHandle macros in EXPAND-T-OR-F.
2016-12-10 Thomas M. HermannMerge pull request #37 from namoamitabha/master
2016-05-16 Thomas M. HermannRevert to using expand-assert for the assert-true/false...
2016-05-15 Thomas M. HermannIntroduce example tests for expand-t-or-f.
2016-04-20 amitabhaonly fix code format issue37/head
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannMerge branch 'release/Version-1.0.0'Version-1.0.0
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannOnly add LISP-UNIT to *FEATURES* when loaded with ASDF.
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannRemove the CHECK-CODE features, not fully developed.
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannExport ASSERT-NIL.
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannUpdate the README for version 1.0.0.
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannUse the MIT license on the internal tests.
2016-01-09 Thomas M. HermannUpdate years on the copyright.
23 months ago Version-1.0.1 Handle macros in expand-t-or-f.
23 months ago assert-true-macro Properly handle macros with expand...
2 years ago Version-1.0.0
5 years ago 0.9.5
5 years ago 0.9.4 TAP ouput and test run complete...
5 years ago 0.9.3
6 years ago 0.9.2
6 years ago 0.9.1
6 years ago 0.9.0 Version 0.9.0
6 years ago 0.8.1
6 years ago 0.8.0 Improve test reporting.
6 years ago 0.7.0 Internal Testing
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