descriptionThis script checks your live ebuilds for an update at the repository and reemerges it as necessary.
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2010-06-13 bobrikadded patch from Greg Fitzgerald < master
2010-05-03 bobrikFixed ule to work with new portage "declare -x" and...
2009-06-12 Ivan BabrouRemove unneeded mercurial variables from the ule.
2009-03-15 Avuton OlrichWrong variable name used.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichconf: Forgot my favorite scm of all, git
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichcomment: Remove old invalid comment.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichbzr: Fix syntax error.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichtla bazaar: Add them as supported, hope for bug reports.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichbzr: Add 'bzr' support.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichsvn: Add support for honoring ESVN_REVISION.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichsvn: Fix bug from last update, make a -z a -n.
2009-03-09 Avuton Olrichsvn: If a revision is assigned in the address, use...
2009-02-09 Avuton OlrichFix a bug where the database wasn't correctly recorded...
2009-01-11 Avuton OlrichNo need to check for updates if ALL is running.
2009-01-11 Avuton OlrichTrivial cleanups.
2009-01-11 Avuton OlrichFix ebuild.
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