descriptionAutomatic Qt bindings for Lua
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2010-03-01 Michal Kottmanuse separate slot implementation for each modulemaster
2010-02-27 Mauro Iazzido not call original function on failed overload
2010-02-13 Mauro Iazzigenerate bindings for virtual functions
2010-02-05 Mauro IazziMerge commit '5aac3bf'
2010-02-04 Mauro IazziFixes for Qt 4.6
2010-02-04 Mauro Iazziremoved trailing space
2010-02-04 Mauro IazziQtXml is a prerequisite for QtWebkit in 4.6
2009-12-24 Peter KümmelUNDO: don't break lqt completely
2009-12-22 Peter Kümmelbuild with Qt 4.6.0
2009-12-22 Peter Kümmelno XML entry for friend declarations
2009-12-20 Peter Kümmelremove msvc warning
2009-12-20 Peter Kümmelno uint with msvc
2009-12-06 Michal Kottmanfix building with SYSTEM_LUA
2009-11-18 Mauro Iazziwebview must be local
2009-11-18 Mauro Iazzidiscard identical version of the method if present
2009-11-18 Mauro Iazzithe list of duplicates is ready (still not used)
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