descriptionA Lua library for structured editing of S-expressions
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last changeTue, 16 Mar 2021 07:26:36 +0000 (16 09:26 +0200)
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Parkour is a Lua library for structured editing of S-expressions, meant to be used in text editor plugins.

Editors supported so far:

2021-03-16 Georgi Kirilovuse an internal list of newlinesmaster
2021-03-16 Georgi Kirilovmove the common Ct outside
2021-03-16 Georgi Kirilovfix a crash
2021-03-16 Georgi Kirilovless bad naming
2020-12-16 Georgi Kirilovfix a typo
2020-12-14 Georgi Kirilovfix floating motions in strings/comments
2020-12-13 Georgi Kirilovadd two new floating motions
2020-12-13 Georgi Kirilovmake the predicate optional
2020-10-31 Georgi KirilovUpdate Textadept URL
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilov"prefer" table.unpack
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilovdon't export wrap funcs for non-delimiters
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilovretire the shiftless option
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilovclean up
2020-10-31 Georgi KirilovDelete in indentation slides the cursor to the next...
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilovallow adjoining a lone prefix with a list
2020-10-31 Georgi Kirilovfennel: remove my improvisations from fmt
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