descriptionGeneric block game (similar to Tetris or Columns) with several variations
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last changeFri, 25 Jan 2019 16:07:04 +0000 (25 17:07 +0100)
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An old, revived game.\n Compile with FreeBasic: fbc gbg.bas\n Command line option: name of variation, i.e: ./gbg variations/dipol.bas
2019-01-25 pavleShow hiscore on gameover screen. Also fix: last score... master
2019-01-19 PioImplemented ephemeral hiscore.
2019-01-19 PioRemoved duplicate tiles.
2019-01-19 PioOption to change tiles in settings.
2019-01-19 PioBetter page hangling in menus.
2019-01-19 PioSpeed and speed indicator tweaks. (Reward multiple...
2019-01-19 PioAdded some sleep in loops, to relax CPU.
2019-01-19 PioMerge branch 'master' of
2019-01-18 pavleResized help and menu windows, to prevent garbled displ...
2019-01-18 pavleCommented out debug console.
2019-01-18 pavleCorrected some colors in dark tiles.
2019-01-17 PioResized help and menu screens a little, to prevent...
2019-01-17 PioAdded dark tiles. Modified Copyright info.
2019-01-17 PioMouse behaves correctly without gravity.
2019-01-17 PioPrevent unexpected behavior when marking shaapes outsid...
2019-01-17 PioMatching joker shapes partially outside playfield boundary.
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