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LIFT - the LIsp Framework for Testing


The LIsp Framework for Testing (LIFT) is a unit and system test tool for LISP. Though inspired by [SUnit][] and [JUnit][], it's built with Lisp in mind. In LIFT, [testcases][] are organized into hierarchical [testsuites][] each of which can have its own [fixture][]. When run, a testcase can succeed, fail, or error. LIFT supports randomized testing, benchmarking, profiling, and reporting.

2015-10-27 Gary KingUpdate feature test for ACL versionmaster
2015-10-25 Gary KingTweak eval-when for ANSI compliance
2015-10-25 gwkkwgCreate
2015-10-25 Gary KingMerge remote-tracking branch 'figit/v6.0'
2015-10-06 Gary KingWarn on invalid option name in lift:addtest
2015-08-08 Gary Kingbug23371: (LIFT) inconsistent run of dependent tests
2015-05-07 Gabor Melisdon't break on test redefinition
2015-05-06 Gary King(test only) Update LIFT for 10.0
2015-04-07 Gary King(test only) Alter printing of source file to remove...
2015-03-02 Gary Kingrfe13505: LIFT needs to warn on test redefinition
2015-02-27 Gary Kingrfe13554: Add docstring for ensure-cases
2014-10-24 Gary Kingbug22742: LIFT doesn't handle printing errors when...
2014-08-31 Gary Kingbug22696: lift's ensure-condition macro not defaulting...
2014-03-18 Gary Kingbug22331: lift breaks on expected problems
2014-01-25 Gary Kingbug22202: (test only) interactively change expected...
2014-01-25 Gary Kingrfe12820: (test only) Support (:break-on-failures?...
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