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This terrain correction program is for my final year project of my degree in Computer Science at York University.

It corrects digital elevation data (e.g. to correct badly filled voids in SRTM data), by first detecting shadows in satellite imagery with known sun direction, and then using those shadows to optimize the elevations.

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2012-06-01 James HogantcElevationOptimization::loadSnapShot: simplify reliabi... master
2012-06-01 James HogantcElevationOptimization: fix typo s/write/read/
2012-06-01 James Hoganarctohgt & cpvoids: add missing <inttypes.h> include
2012-06-01 James Hogantecorrec: Check for OpenGL and add includes/libs
2009-03-17 James HoganFinal changes before project hand-in
2009-03-10 James Hogancpvoids program to copy voids from one HGT dataset...
2009-03-10 James HoganCross sectioning
2009-03-06 James HoganBasic attempt to see normalized difference mentioned...
2009-03-05 James HoganFixed bug in arcToHgt where it wrote to end of file...
2009-03-05 James HoganSnapshot loading loads std dev graph
2009-03-05 James HoganSnapshotting and loading
2009-03-05 James HoganTweaks and attempts to get shape from shading working
2009-03-05 James HoganAdded void insertion to arctohgt
2009-03-04 James HoganFix arc to hgt converter overwriting and make more...
2009-03-04 James HoganSimple program to read arcinfo ascii files and convert...
2009-03-01 James HoganMade it possible to display normals in output channels...
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