descriptionA Common Lisp framework for creating RESTful Web applications
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CL-Trane is a loose collection of utilities that together form a Web application development framework. Project's aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet simple and magic-free Common Lisp framework for easy creation of RESTful Web applications.

CL-Trane is built upon Hunchentoot Web server, and Postmodern interface to PostgreSQL database. Py-configparser is used for configuration.

2011-12-26 Maciej PasternackiCoerce *db* parameters to 'simple-string.master
2009-04-12 Maciej Pasternacki- docfix
2009-04-12 Maciej Pasternackitaxonomy: (SETF ITEM-TERMS)
2008-12-18 Maciej Pasternacki- customizable passenger activation ticket timeout.
2008-12-18 Maciej Pasternacki- Finish dropping TAXONOMY fn
2008-12-18 Maciej Pasternacki- Fix TERM-SYNONYMS.
2008-12-18 Maciej Pasternacki- New function: TRANE-TAXONOMY:TERM-SYNONYMS
2008-12-17 Maciej Pasternacki- Documentation update.
2008-12-17 Maciej Pasternacki- drop term-site association, it was wrong idea from...
2008-12-17 Maciej Pasternacki- Return term's ordering value as third value of TERM...
2008-12-17 Maciej Pasternacki- Handle non-strings in NULL-OR
2008-12-08 Maciej Pasternacki- Purge empty terms.
2008-12-02 Maciej Pasternacki- CACHE-DAO returns a cached dao.
2008-11-30 Maciej Pasternacki- Trane-common depends on cl-qprint now.
2008-11-30 Maciej PasternackiCoerce external-program params as simple-strings.
2008-11-30 Maciej Pasternacki- New fn QP-UTF8
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