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   cxml-rng -- Relax NG for Closure XML

   An implementation of Relax NG schema validation written in Common
   Lisp, including support for compact syntax, DTD Compatibility, and the
   XSD type library.

   cxml-rng was written by David Lichteblau and is designed as an
   add-on library for Closure XML. It is available under an X11-style

   Please send bug reports to

For more information, see doc/index.html or
2014-08-31 David LichteblauCompact syntax parsing fixesmaster
2011-04-28 David LichteblauSerialization fixes: namespace; datatypeLibrary; data
2011-04-28 David Lichteblauin serialization, keep track of newly seen defs while...
2011-04-28 David Lichteblaufix SERIALIZATION-NAME to always return a string
2009-05-22 David Lichteblaudubious ccl unicode workarounds
2008-11-30 David Lichteblaurelease scripts
2008-11-30 David Lichteblaunew release
2008-11-30 David LichteblauUpdate for current cl-ppcre
2008-11-30 David Lichteblauadded cxml-rng-test submodule
2008-03-16 David LichteblauUTF-16 workarounds
2008-03-16 David LichteblauFixed skip-to-native bug, thanks to Cyrus Harmon for...
2008-03-02 David Lichteblaudocumentation update
2007-12-22 David LichteblauUse 21 bit characters on Lisps offering them.
2007-12-01 David Lichteblautemporary surrogate workaround to fix openmcl support...
2007-12-01 David Lichteblauwhitespace fixes
2007-10-21 David
4 years ago master