descriptionProgramming language development kit
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Antimony is a programming language development kit. It includes a compiler for a core language supporting basic operations on bytes and machine words. This compiler can be extended by writing extension modules, and can be used either as an executable reading source code from files, or as a library, receiving code through API calls. The Antimony compiler uses the Voodoo compiler to generate native code for a variety of target platforms.
2017-09-19 inglorionrewrote tests written in voodoo in antimonymaster
2017-09-19 inglorionadded read_bytes_from_stream, write_byte_to_stream...
2017-09-19 inglorionadded make_comment to default imports
2017-09-19 inglorionconverted more tests to new executable support
2017-09-19 inglorionadded stat and stat_isdir to default imports
2017-09-19 inglorionadded module_find to default imports
2017-09-19 inglorionremoved absolute_symbol, introduced absolute_intern...
2017-09-19 inglorionmade initialization of global vars with blobs work
2017-09-19 inglorionadded chdir, setenv process functions, and module funct...
2017-09-19 inglorionload_module: allow strings as module identifiers
2017-09-19 inglorionconverted some tests to new executable support
2017-09-19 inglorionsupport dealiasing @-prefixed symbols
2017-09-19 inglorionantimony_reader: use current namespace for quote
2017-09-19 inglorionadded support for initializing global variables in...
2017-09-19 inglorionadded block_iterator and hash functions to default...
2017-09-19 inglorionadded closedir and opendir to default imports
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