descriptionDoom2DF editor ported to FPC/Lazarus
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2018-10-06 Stas'MMovement: Improve and simplify WASD controlmaster
2018-10-06 Stas'MMovement: Implement WASD selection
2018-10-05 DeaDDooMERFix locks again
2018-10-03 DeaDDooMERFixed wad file locking
2018-09-19 DeaDDooMERNow PackMap can read zip
2018-09-18 DeaDDooMERAdded SFS support (resource wads only) (#4)
2018-05-23 Stas'MMap: Jetpack have animated texture now
2018-05-23 Stas'MShared: Import toLowerCase1251 function and use it
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Fix trigger turret properties bug
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Update selected objects on delete
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Count selected objects in status bar
2018-05-22 Stas'MMain: Add Ctrl+Alt switch for object range selection
2018-05-20 Stas'MMap: Add rect alpha settings for monsters and areas
2018-05-20 Stas'MLanguage: Add missing translation for grid dot size
2018-05-12 DeaDDooMERFix texture preview on Linux
2018-05-11 DeaDDooMERFix build
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