descriptionA small libmad/oss mp3 player
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Minmad is a small libmad/OSS MP3 player.

The following commands are available in minmad.  Most of them
accept a numerical prefix.

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p or space	pause
q		exit minmad
i		print some information
l/j/J		jump 10s/60s/600s forward
h/k/K		jump 10s/60s/600s backward
%		jump to the specified position in percentage
G		jump to the specified position in minutes
^[ or escape	clear the numerical prefix
mx		mark the current position in register 'x'
'x		jump to the position stored in register 'x'
P		pause after the specified number of minutes
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2016-03-26 Ali Gholami... minmad: G command to seek to the specified position... master
2016-03-11 Ali Gholami... README: describe available commands
2016-03-11 Ali Gholami... minmad: timer for sleeping
2015-02-02 Ali Gholami... minmad: prevent multiplication overflow for large files
2015-01-23 Ali Gholami... minmad: do not read() when mbuf is full
2015-01-23 Ali Gholami... minmad: put marks with m and jump with '
2015-01-23 Ali Gholami... minmad: ignore "n%" when n > 100
2015-01-23 Ali Gholami... minmad: open the oss device before putting the terminal...
2013-02-15 Ali Gholami... minmad: close the oss device when minmad is paused
2013-02-15 Ali Gholami... minmad: open oss device O_WRONLY and set rate after...
2013-02-15 Ali Gholami... Makefile: use -O2 instead of -Os
2011-12-06 Ali Gholami... print a newline when exiting
2011-12-05 Ali Gholami... show paused status with '>' sign in printinfo()
2011-12-05 Ali Gholami... store playing time in milliseconds
2011-12-05 Ali Gholami... improve printinfo() message and make position more...
2011-12-05 Ali Gholami... use average frame size and duration for seeking
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