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Updated each 10 minutes from SVN
2009-03-17 paliShow invite menu in wlm chat window immediatelymaster
2009-03-17 scriptySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2009-03-17 paliDisplay feature log if we are not inside kdenetwork
2009-03-17 paliTry find Decibel in default path too
2009-03-17 paliDeleted autostart DBus
2009-03-17 mlaurentSVN_SILENT: minor
2009-03-16 pinoremove unuseful cmake stuff
2009-03-16 pinoremove, as it is handled by the global one now
2009-03-16 pinoadd and enable the skype protocol
2009-03-16 paliSkype protocol for Kopete is moved from kdereview to...
2009-03-16 scriptySVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)
2009-03-16 btsaiTook two large code duplication that converted a kopete...
2009-03-16 btsaiCurrently the WLM plugin does not display the message...
2009-03-15 paliBonjour nick name is in Latin1 encoding
2009-03-15 uwolferBetter way to split additional arguments. Hopyfully...
2009-03-14 colesA few deprecations eradicated involving QCheckBox.
10 years ago master