descriptionA very simple linker to use with m68k-assembler. Outputs Atari ST PRG files.
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last changeSat, 17 Sep 2005 21:00:56 +0000 (17 22:00 +0100)
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An eventual goal for this linker once it reaches beyond simple Atari ST output, is to use a much more general object and link script format, to provide broad platform support. I'm imagining a small sexp-based DSL for describing the encodings of relocations and whatnot, that would be present in the object file. The real test would be seeing how it supported modern RISC architecture instruction encoding.
2005-09-17 Julian SquiresA cleanup and a stupid bug fix (module-segment-bases... master
2005-09-17 Julian SquiresVarious small improvements.
2005-08-02 Julian SquiresAdded note about bad relocs.
2005-07-15 Julian SquiresImproved repo structure. Vastly improved a.out linking...
2005-07-15 Julian SquiresGeneralized segment stuff; added fixup output; basic...
2005-07-13 Julian Squiresprg linking almost actually works.
2005-07-13 Julian SquiresInitial import.
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