descriptionIntermediate bridge repo between official CMake (CVS) and CMakeLua (Mercurial)
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This is the intermediate transition repo that bridges the official CMake (CVS) and CMakeLua (Mercurial) repos. This bridge allows us to pull changes from CVS and get them into a distributed repo. We can then merge this bridge repo against the CMakeLua repo which will get both the fork/Lua changes and the official changes. This repo contains no fork/Lua stuff so conflicts can't happen here. (Don't put any fork changes in this repo.) Being able to share this intermediate repository is important so one person doesn't become the bottleneck. But we can't share it in a CVS repo or Hg since it will conflict with the real stuff. So we bring in this 3rd repo under Git which allows us to share the bridge repo. To run, clone, cd into the root directory where the CMakeLua.tailor file resides, and then run: tailor -D -v --configfile CMakeLua.tailor
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