descriptionA Minetest mod which adds a hunger mechanic to the game.
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Hunger with HUD bar [hbhunger]

Using the mod

This mod adds a mechanic for hunger. This mod depends on the HUD bars mod [hudbars], version 1.4.1 or any later version starting with “1.”.

About hunger

This mod adds a hunger mechanic to the game. Players get a new attribute called “satiation”:

Important: Eating food will not directly increase your health anymore, as long as the food item is supported by this mod (see below).

Careful! Some foods may be poisoned. If you eat a poisoned item, you may still get a satiation boost, but for a brief period you lose health points because of food poisoning. However, food poisoning can never kill you.

Statbar mode

If you use the statbar mode of the HUD Bars mod, these things are important to know: As with all mods using HUD Bars, the bread statbar symbols represent the rough percentage out of 30 satiation points, in steps of 5%, so the symbols give you an estimate of your satiation. This is different from the hunger mod by BlockMen.

You gain health at 5.5 symbols or more, as 5.5 symbols correspond to 16 satiation points. You may lose health at exactly 0.5 symbols, as 0.5 symbols correspond to 1-2 satiation points.

Supported food

All mods which add food through standard measures (minetest.item_eat) are already supported automatically. Poisoned food needs special support.

Known supported food mods

Supported mods without optional dependency (mods provide their own support)



This mod is free software.

Source code


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