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See the files in the doc directory for documentation about SYSLINUX:

	syslinux.txt	    - Usage instructions; manual.
	distrib.txt	    - For creators of Linux distributions.
	pxelinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to PXELINUX.
	isolinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to ISOLINUX.
	extlinux.txt	    - Documentation specific to EXTLINUX.
	menu.txt	    - About the menu systems.
	usbkey.txt	    - About using SYSLINUX on USB keys.
	memdisk.txt         - Documentation about MEMDISK.

Also see the files:

	NEWS		    - List of changes from previous releases.
	TODO		    - About features planned for future releases.
	COPYING		    - For the license terms of this software.

SYSLINUX now builds in a Linux environment, using nasm.  You need nasm
version 2.03 or later (2.07 or later recommended) to build SYSLINUX
from source.  See for information about nasm.

"utils/isohybrid" needs the UUID library and following header file,


You can get them from the "uuid-dev" package on Debian based systems
or from the "libuuid-devel" package on RPM based distributions.

There is now a mailing list for SYSLINUX.  See the end of syslinux.txt
for details.


   Copyright 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al - All Rights Reserved

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 53 Temple Place Ste 330,
   Boston MA 02111-1307, USA; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version; incorporated herein by reference.
2018-10-25 Lukas Schwaighofercore/Makefile: sort to be reproduciblemaster
2018-10-25 Thomas SchmittISOLINUX: Fix checksum calculation in lzo/prepcore.c
2017-11-23 Benoît Allardefi/wrapper: build it with the host toolchain.
2017-11-23 Benoît Allardutils: Use the host toolchain to build.
2017-11-23 Joakim TjernlundUse CC for CC_FOR_BUILD when unspecified.
2017-11-23 Benoît Allardmemdisk: Force ld output format to 32-bits
2017-11-04 Salvatore Bonaccorsoutils: use Digest::SHA for sha1pass
2017-11-04 Lukas Schwaighoferlibinstaller: Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for synthesized...
2017-11-04 Reiner Herrmannmake: Sort object files for reproducible linking order
2017-11-04 Daniel Baumannman: Updating list of supported filesystems in extlinux
2017-10-15 Paulo Alcantaraext4: Fix 64bit feature
2017-05-31 Julien Viard... efi/udp: Removing the udp_reader efi_binding
2017-05-31 Julien Viard... efi/udp: Add retry disabling UseDefaultAddress
2017-05-31 Julien Viard... efi/udp: core_udp_connect: use SubnetMask not StationAd...
2017-05-14 Colin Finckisohybrid: Open ISO file in binary mode
2017-03-28 Martin Str... mbr/isohdpfx.S: Clear CX on INT 13h AH 41h failure
2 years ago syslinux-6.04-pre1 syslinux-6.04-pre1
4 years ago syslinux-6.03 syslinux-6.03
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre20 syslinux-6.03-pre20
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre19 syslinux-6.03-pre19
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre18 syslinux-6.03-pre18
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre17 syslinux-6.03-pre17
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre16 syslinux-6.03-pre16
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre15 syslinux-6.03-pre15
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre14 syslinux-6.03-pre14
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre13 syslinux-6.03-pre13
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre12 syslinux-6.03-pre12
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre11 syslinux-6.03-pre11
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre10 syslinux-6.03-pre10
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre9 syslinux-6.03-pre9
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre8 syslinux-6.03-pre8
4 years ago syslinux-6.03-pre7 syslinux-6.03-pre7
3 weeks ago master
19 months ago syslinux-4.xx
2 years ago multifs
4 years ago nocomapi
4 years ago syslinux-5.xx
4 years ago firmware
4 years ago elflink
5 years ago rockridge
5 years ago slzm
6 years ago lwip
7 years ago dynamic-sector
8 years ago disklib
8 years ago libinstaller_dos_wip
8 years ago memdisk-acpi
8 years ago corezlib
8 years ago lua