descriptionmarcv's personal gentoo overlay with fixes for this and that
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Most of these ebuilds come from and I do not claim autorship about them.
2019-09-06 Marc VinyalsUpdate r8168 driver to version on fetch websitemaster
2019-03-20 Marc VinyalsAdd fofix deps
2019-03-14 Marc VinyalsBump cnfgen
2019-03-14 Marc VinyalsCleanup
2019-03-14 Marc VinyalsAdd soplex
2018-10-25 Marc VinyalsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-25 Marc VinyalsNewer claws is fixed
2018-08-21 Marc VinyalsAdd proper ebuild for gnome-extra/synapse
2018-08-06 Marc VinyalsRemove app-misc/recoll as it is maintained again
2018-08-06 Marc VinyalsAdd x11-plugins/pidgin-extended-blist-sort
2018-05-10 Marc VinyalsUpdate solarus
2018-01-21 Marc VinyalsFix classpath
2018-01-13 Marc VinyalsUpdate pdftk ebuild
2018-01-03 Marc VinyalsFix pdftk classpath rewriting
2018-01-02 Marc VinyalsAdd ebuild for upcoming pdftk
2017-12-28 Marc VinyalsFix slime
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3 years ago prefix