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JIMB (Jabber Instant Messaging Bot)
by Martin Kelm

- JIMCI - Connection Interface
- JIMBS - Bot Services

JIMB offers a more stable service daemon to transmit messages between users and an external application and vise versa and a bunch of attached service scripts to perform.
The connection interface uses a mysql database to store incoming messages and to read/send outgoing messages. Furthermore the queue database table offers a generic structure to support as much use cases as possible.
The bot services offer a parser to detect modules, commands and parameters in messages before performing further service modules.

Package dependencies:
- libloudmouth1-0 (build/run)
- libglib2.0-0 (build/run)
- libmysql, i.e. libmysqlclient15off (build/run)
- libconfig8-1.3.2 (build/run)

- libloudmouth1-dev (build)
- libglib2.0-dev (build)
- libmysql-dev, i.e. libmysqlclient15-dev (build)
- libdebug0 (build)
2010-10-07 Martin KelmAdded ssl fingerprint support for testing purposesmaster
2010-10-07 Martin KelmAdded ssl helper scripts to get cert or fingerprint
2010-10-07 Martin KelmAdded ssl status responses
2010-08-26 Martin KelmAdded first changes for ssl support and debug messages
2010-08-26 Martin KelmRemoved obsolete file
2010-08-26 Martin KelmInitial commit of jimb alpha 3
8 years ago master