descriptionNixpkgs-Libre, a libre version of the Nix Package Collection (Nixpkgs)
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last changeMon, 3 Jan 2011 19:10:01 +0000 (3 19:10 +0000)
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This is an unofficial branch of Nixpkgs whose goal is to remove all non-free software packages. Since upstream uses Subversion, we use git-svn, and this branch is actually managed using TopGit. Note: master corresponds to upstream Nixpkgs/trunk; t/nixpkgs-libre is the main branch Nixpkgs-libre, a peer of Nixpkgs/trunk.
2011-01-03 urkudnetwork-manager: use mirror://gnomemaster
2011-01-03 urkudFix krita compilation with exiv-0.21 (upstream patch)
2011-01-03 viricAllowing unison without X.
2011-01-03 egorochkinnetwork-manager: packaged, maybe even works.
2011-01-03 egorochkinNSS: version bump and patch to provide pkgconfig info.
2011-01-03 egorochkinlibnl 1.x: packaged.
2011-01-03 eelco* Python 2.7.1.
2011-01-03 eelco* Remove an empty directory.
2011-01-03 maggesi* Coq: fix compilation of coqide (path to lablgkt)
2011-01-03 astsmtlservers/mpd: Updated to 0.16.
2011-01-03 viricUpdating fossil
2011-01-03 astsmtlapplications/networking/browsers/conkeror: Updated...
2011-01-03 egorochkinchromium: bump. Patch by Cillian de RĂ³iste.
2011-01-03 egorochkinamarok-live: packaged
2011-01-02 kkallioRemove semicolon causing evaluation error.
2011-01-02 astsmtlgames/warsow: Fixed OpenAL support.
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