descriptionCommon lisp parser for various model formats used in games.
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last changeThu, 28 Aug 2008 14:18:06 +0000 (28 15:18 +0100)
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Work in progress. Currently parses md2, 3ds and lwo (pre lw-6) files

2008-08-28 John ConnorsReady for performance testmaster
2008-08-26 John ConnorsBug fixes
2008-08-26 John ConnorsMore md2 handling
2008-08-25 John ConnorsRemoving stray bracket
2008-08-25 John ConnorsFixing system file
2008-08-24 John ConnorsMore md2 improvements
2008-08-24 John ConnorsPCX Loading works
2008-08-24 John ConnorsAdding PCX file reader
2008-08-21 John ConnorsFixed problem with scaling md2s
2008-08-21 John ConnorsSorting out md2 tris
2008-08-19 John ConnorsUpdating to use new binary reading ops
2008-08-13 John ConnorsAlignment bug
2008-08-10 John ConnorsAdding blender exporter
2008-08-10 John ConnorsAdding snubfighter mesh
2008-08-10 John ConnorsCompiles again
2008-08-02 John ConnorsPosing an md2 works
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