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esTigi CMS will be focused on efficiency and usability. We are currently on the first development stages of it, but so far things are going great! (read more)
2010-04-28 FelipeWorking on new access system...mastertestperms
2010-04-27 FelipeNew permission system: Permission administration page.
2010-04-26 FelipeCreate, delete and admin node types
2010-04-25 FelipeNew automatic installer
2010-04-25 FelipeFinally! User profile page. There is still a lot to...
2010-04-24 FelipeNow using system_admin_page in the admin config page.
2010-04-24 FelipeBug fix: Generating admin setting forms
2010-04-24 FelipeBug fix: path_redirect now looks for aliases the right way
2010-04-24 FelipeAble to delete nodes, path_redirect looks for aliases...
2010-04-23 FelipeNow avatars!!! both on full node view and teaser.
2010-04-23 FelipeChanged the modules settings page, now it is 'automatic...
2010-04-23 FelipeJust to add the copyright and license
2010-04-23 FelipeNow able to lookup aliases and path_link uses this...
2010-04-22 FelipeNew wilcard path detection and modifications in the...
2010-04-22 FelipeNow able to register new users and a few less bugs...
2010-04-21 felipeMinor tweaks and house cleaning
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