descriptionA plugin to make subscriptions to objects easier
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ActsAsSubscribeable =================== The acts_as_subscribeable plugin is a generator and plugin to allow the subscription based email notification (or other system if you choose to implement it differently) of changes in the model you specify as a subscribeable object. The associations are polymorphic and can pertain to any model type. Prerequisites ============= Rails 1.2.6+ A User model that includes a field called email (Restful Auth compatible!) Installing the plugin ===================== -- Get the plugin: ./script/plugin install -- Run: ./script/generate acts_as_subscribeable_installation -- Add a has_many :subscriptions to your User model -- Configure the mailer initializer placed in /config/initializers/mailer.rb for your mail server NOTES: ====== This will install the migration file and mailer initializer for the plugin. Generating Subscribebale Models =============================== -- Create a model -- Add the hook: acts_as_subscribeable -- Run: ./script/generate subscribeable_model MODEL_NAME -- Add your observer hook in your environment.rb file config.active_record.observers = :MODEL_NAME_observer NOTES: ====== This will generate an observer and mailer for your model and hook in the observer. It defaults to an after_update callback but you can add as many as you need or customize the observer to watch a parent model to alert on child creation instead. Customizing your email notification =============================== -- Customize the generated send_email_notification.html.erb file in your MODEL_NAME_mailer views directory to suit your needs and the MODEL_NAME_mailer.rb mailer in your Models directory. Copyright (c) 2007 E. James O'Kelly, released under the MIT license
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