descriptionA program to collect, store, and visualize various data on a program in real-time.
last changeMon, 7 Mar 2011 16:19:35 +0000 (7 09:19 -0700)
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2011-03-07 EtherealKind-of worked on the R-Tree; not really enough time... master
2011-03-06 EtherealFixed buildsystem slightly, started re=implementation...
2011-02-28 EtherealFixed a bug in the R-tree implementation.
2011-02-28 EtherealTime for a little redesign of the Visualizer.
2011-02-28 EtherealAdded transmission code to the memory collector.
2011-02-28 EtherealBegan proof-of-concept memory module.
2011-02-27 EtherealDocumented GViewport a small amount, fixed a translatio...
2011-02-27 EtherealMinor changes here and there.
2011-02-27 EtherealImplemented basic scaling in BasicViewport.
2011-02-27 EtherealImplemented very basic cpuTime artisan.version_0.5.0
2011-02-27 EtherealImplemented basic viewport scrolling in BasicViewport.
2011-02-27 EtherealRe-implemented LineObject.
2011-02-27 EtherealContinued filling out Artisan::GViewport::.
2011-02-27 EtherealStarted to re-implement the GViewport:: namespace.
2011-02-26 EtherealImplemented simple viewport shifting.
2011-02-26 EtherealThe GViewport is now robust enough to actually display...
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