descriptionA simple plain text to html/troff/latex converter
last changeThu, 8 Nov 2012 16:01:20 +0000 (8 19:31 +0330)
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ctxt converts plain text to other formats. It is implemented in C and tries to be simple and fast.
2012-11-08 Ali Gholami... ctxt: introduce an escape character to prevent unwanted... master
2012-05-25 Ali Gholami... README: mention the use of "% " in T1/T2 tables
2012-05-15 Ali Gholami... troff: don't skip spaces after troff_list_beg()
2012-05-14 Ali Gholami... troff: put no space after references like |ref|.
2012-03-04 Ali Gholami... fmt: handle markups in command lines
2012-03-04 Ali Gholami... fmt: add .de/.. as a raw block
2012-03-04 Ali Gholami... fmt: start a paragraph only after a blank line
2012-02-28 Ali Gholami... README: mention the new list briefly
2012-02-28 Ali Gholami... add .IP support and non-raw blocks
2012-02-04 Ali Gholami... troff: comment space handling variables
2012-02-04 Ali Gholami... troff: continue eatspc if troff_put() was called for...
2012-02-01 Ali Gholami... fmt: reintroduce simple tables and cleanup inline marku...
2012-02-01 Ali Gholami... major cleanup and improved block handling
2010-10-26 Ali Gholami... troff: escape dots after inline markups
2010-10-22 Ali Gholami... troff: put a newline after each block
2010-10-22 Ali Gholami... troff: use $$ for inline eqn
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