description0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art
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last changeThu, 13 Jan 2011 16:49:31 +0000 (13 17:49 +0100)
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0verkill was written by Petr Kulhavy and then abadoned. The old homepage still exists, as well as a page, but under the new maintainer Marek Vasut development has moved to

masterthe master branch as cloned from Marek Vasut's repository
moba place for unregistered contributors. Just add ssh:// as a remote and start hacking pushing
2011-01-13 Jonathan Neuschäfereditor: #undef O after usemastermob
2011-01-13 Jonathan Neuschäferclient.c: fix a typo
2011-01-13 Jonathan Neuschäfergit: ignore X11 programs
2011-01-13 Jonathan Neuschäfercfg.h: pull stdlib.h for exit()
2011-01-13 Jonathan Neuschäfererror.[ch]: fix keyword usage
2010-05-18 Jonathan Neuschäferserver: make the P_PLAYER_REFUSED packets work
2010-05-18 Jonathan Neuschäferclient.c: a little correction
2010-05-16 Marek VasutMerge branches 'master-cosmetic' and 'feature-bot-name...
2010-04-18 Jonathan Neuschäfermake the bot send a short name
2010-04-18 Jonathan Neuschäfersome refomatting in data.h
2010-04-18 Jonathan Neuschäferimprove .gitignore
2010-04-18 Jonathan Neuschäfermake the bot print its name
2010-04-13 Jonathan Neuschäfermake the server invulnerable to long names
2010-04-12 Jonathan Neuschäferbot: add -n (name) option
2010-04-09 Jonathan Neuschäferbot: make most declarations static
2010-04-08 Marek VasutMerge branch 'fix-duplicate-name' of git://repo.or...
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