descriptionA Minetest mod which adds a tab to the Simple Fast Inventory on which mods can add buttons for easy access.
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Simple Fast Inventory Buttons [sfinv_buttons]

This mod adds a new tab (“More”) to the Simple Fast Inventory [sfinv] on which other mods can add their buttons to make it easier to access their core functionality.

The idea is to free users from typing in lame-ass chat commands. ;-)

Version: 1.0.0 (This mod uses semantic versioning as of version 2.0.0 of the standard.)


The API is documented in

Mod license

MIT License

2017-03-19 Wuzzyv1.0.0master
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2016-12-09 WuzzyRemove test code
2016-12-09 WuzzyTranslate “Go”
2016-12-09 WuzzySave index and button name on textlist selection
2016-12-09 WuzzyAdd some support for >18 buttons
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd description
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd API and README docs
2016-12-07 WuzzyHide tab if empty to player
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd support to suppress buttons
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd tooltip support
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd support for up to 18 buttons
2016-12-07 WuzzyAdd support for action function
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