descriptionA LaTeX reformatter / beautifier
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This is LLF, which either stands for Lua LaTeX Formatter or LaTeX-Like
Formatter.  I forget which.

To use it, run

    lua /path/to/llf.lua < input.tex > output.tex

It should reformat your LaTeX in a way that preserves semantic meaning,
yet has intelligent indentation levels. It might not, since it doesn't
actually parse LaTeX, rather it parses a language which is almost LaTeX,
except for the whole Turing Complete bit.


 - Understands verbatim environments
 - Might handle your pseudocode environments right
 - Won't mangle your align* or tabular environments
 - Will treat everything between ‘%noformat{’ and ‘%}noformat’
   as verbatim
 - Acts like cat(1) if it can't parse your input
 - Configure by copying llfrc.lua to ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/llf/llfrc.lua
   or ${HOME}/.config/llf/llfrc.lua


 - lpeg
 - wcwidth
 - utf8    (Should be built-in in >=5.3, not sure about other versions)

Licensed under ISC.

Please report bugs to S. Gilles <>. Minimal test
cases are great. Patches are even better.
2018-11-28 S. Gilles\path is like \drawmaster
2018-09-22 S. GillesAdd fuzzer script (pick something recent off arXiv)v0.6
2018-09-22 S. Gilles\+ is not a control sequence, but some people define...
2018-09-22 S. GillesAllow control sequences to be followed by EOF
2018-09-22 S. Gilles\/ is a control sequence, too
2018-09-22 S. GillesMove \; into test 26 like all the others
2018-09-22 S. Gilles\| is a control sequence too
2018-09-22 S. GillesBe a bit more lenient on whether * is included in contr...
2018-09-21 S. GillesAnd \; is a control sequence as well.
2018-08-16 S. Gilles\- is a control sequence toov0.5
2018-07-12 S. Gillesusepgfplotslibrary is like usetikzlibrary
2018-02-20 S. Gillesmatrices without borders count as well
2018-01-26 S. Gillesusetikzpackage is like usepackage
2018-01-22 S. Gillesbe a bit more error-conscious in
2018-01-22 S. Gillestikzcd is getting irritating with all the newlines
2018-01-09 S. Gillescaption and label should start their own lines
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