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0publish makes creating and modifying injector interface files easier. It can create a new commented template for you or edit an existing one. Various editing operations are available, the most basic being to let you edit it in your preferred text editor. It automatically removes the signature when loading an interface and creates a new one when writing it back out. It will also validate the new version before saving it.
2015-07-01 Thomas LeonardAdded license info to feedmaster
2015-07-01 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.25-post
2015-07-01 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.25
2014-08-10 Bastian EicherMade GunPG dependency explicit
2014-08-10 Bastian EicherUse subprocess instead of os.spawnvp() to support Windows
2014-08-10 Bastian EicherUse portable_rename to support Windows
2013-07-19 Thomas Leonard"0compile publish": use portable_rename to support...
2013-03-18 Thomas LeonardFixed missing namespace attribute problem
2013-03-08 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.24-post
2013-03-08 Thomas LeonardRelease 0.24v0.24
2013-03-08 Thomas LeonardFixed bug where merging could result in a "main" attrib...
2013-03-08 Thomas LeonardWhen merging, check the IDs are unique
2013-03-01 Thomas LeonardMerge <command>s with if-0install-version attributes...
2013-03-01 Thomas LeonardAllow specifying which unit-tests to run
2013-03-01 Thomas LeonardAlso merge <restricts> elements
2013-02-25 Thomas LeonardStart development series 0.23-post
5 years ago v0.24 Release 0.24
5 years ago v0.23 Release 0.23
6 years ago v0.22 Release 0.22
6 years ago v0.21 Release 0.21
7 years ago v0.20 Release 0.20
7 years ago v0.19 Release 0.19
8 years ago v0.18 Release 0.18
8 years ago v0.17 Release 0.17
9 years ago v0.16 Release 0.16
10 years ago v0.15 Release 0.15
11 years ago v0.14 Release 0.14
11 years ago v0.13
11 years ago v0.12
11 years ago v0.11
11 years ago v0.10
12 years ago v0.9
3 years ago master
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