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The main repository for this project is in Subversion. This repository contains a mirror of selected Subversion branches, plus some other pure-git branches to be used for collaborative work with others.
2017-11-26 mhaggerBring CHANGES up to date.master
2017-11-26 mhaggerAllow the svn:executable property to affect the git...
2017-11-09 mhaggerDon't add so much useless metadata to symbol commits
2017-09-02 mhaggerCVSFileItems.imported_remove_1_1(): don't remove a...
2017-09-02 mhaggerCVSFileItems.imported_remove_1_1(): remove level of...
2017-09-02 mhaggervendor_1_1_not_root(): new test function
2016-07-30 mhaggerIf SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set, use it for manpages
2015-09-20 mhaggerUse ctx.tmpdir consistently in cvs2git-example.options.
2015-06-02 mhaggerAdjust to recognize new commit messages
2015-04-06 mhaggerHACKING: update references to Git mirrors and add more...
2015-04-06 mhaggerUpdate to rcsparse r2971.
2015-03-16 mhaggerSkip test of executable flag if filesystem appears...
2015-03-16 mhaggerUpdate GCS' email address to the Debian one.
2014-07-01 mhaggerInitializeChangesetsPass: We are looking for the *bigge...
2014-07-01 mhaggerInitializeChangesetsPass: Combine two branches of ...
2014-07-01 mhaggerInitializeChangesetsPass: Introduce temporary "gap".
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