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Project Description Owner Last Change
avr-sim.git Atmel AVR simulator 8 years ago
blua.git Bloated LUA! 9 years ago
boa.git Metacircular evaluator in Python 10 years ago
CMakeLuaTailorHgBridge.git Intermediate bridge repo between official... ewingdotpublic@gmail... 9 years ago
edje_lua.git Lua patch set for Edje 9 years ago
ego.git E Goes Online 9 years ago
ekto.git Lua fork, that writes platform and architectu... 9 years ago
fail.git OpenGL game engine 9 years ago
k8sbuild.git simple package building system for Slackware... 5 weeks ago
Leditor.git a simple editor written in Lua using Lqt 11 years ago
lqt.git Automatic Qt bindings for Lua 8 years ago
lua.git Mirror of the Lua history from 1.0 - 5.1... 10 years ago
luabind.git luabind 4 years ago
luaengine.git Lua Scripting Engine for OpenSim. nexisentertainment... No commits
luagame.git LuaGame game execution environment 10 years ago
luajit-2.0.git LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time Compiler for the... 32 hours ago
luajson.git JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua Uses LPeg... 20 months ago
luatex.git LuaTeX git mirror 19 months ago
luaxcb.git XCB binding for Lua 10 years ago
lumina.git C rendition of Apache Mina, performant networ... 10 years ago
lunit.git Unit Testing Framework for Lua 8 years ago
luxinia.git luxinia is a OpenGL 3d engine, scriptable... No commits
metalua.git Metalua programming language 9 years ago
mime-lua.git Mime parser in Lua 9 years ago
minetest-c55.git An extensible sandbox survival game 17 months ago
phplua.git LUA for PHP is a PHP extension which allows... andreas.streichardt... 6 years ago
screen-lua.git Lua scripting support for GNU Screen 8 years ago
sdlbotor.git Clone of "The Game Of Robot" 9 years ago
tritium.git twitter client in cgilua + friends 8 years ago
udavac.git Fast nat gateway identd (conntrack tools) 10 years ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up made with the fail... 9 years ago
wmiirc-lua.git wmiirc written in lua 8 years ago
xlua.git X11 lua bindings + some fun scripts 9 years ago