descriptionA data structure for well-formed XML documents, designed for Common Lisp
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   A data structure for well-formed XML documents, inspired by XOM but
   designed for Common Lisp.

   cxml-stp is an alternative to the W3C's DOM, which cxml also
   implements. It was written by David Lichteblau as an add-on library
   for Closure XML and is available under an X11-style license.

   Please send bug reports to

For more information, see index.html or
2012-05-20 David LichteblauMake the previous fix clozure-specificmaster
2012-05-20 David LichteblauDefine a type for each aliased class (fixes CCL)
2010-06-13 David Lichteblaufix normalize-text-nodes, patch by Andy Chambers
2008-11-30 David Lichteblaurelease scripts
2008-04-06 David LichteblauFixed namespace-uri() of document
2008-03-30 David Lichteblaufoo:xmlns is okay
2008-03-30 David LichteblauFixed (setf document-element) in the presence of non...
2008-03-24 David LichteblauImplemented XPATH-PROTOCOL:NODE-EQUAL and HASH-KEY...
2008-03-16 David LichteblauFixed namespace axis
2008-03-16 David LichteblauNamespace nodes don't have a namespace-uri()
2008-03-09 David Lichteblaubase-uri fixes
2008-03-02 David LichteblauImplemented xpath-protocol:unparsed-entity-uri
2008-03-02 David LichteblauNew slot DTD. Use it for get-element-by-id. Undocumen...
2008-03-02 David LichteblauDon't include doctype node in xpath protocol
2008-03-02 David Lichteblaudocumentation update
2008-03-02 Ivan ShvedunovNamespace handling fix.
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