descriptionA Minetest mod which adds a new mana attribute to players.
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Mana [mana]


This mod adds basic support for mana to Minetest.

Each player will have an additional attribute: Mana. To be precise:

By default, each player spawns with 0/200 mana, and regenerates 1 mana per fifth of a second. All these values can be configured with the server settings (minetest.conf) and it is highly advised to do so if you plan to integrate this mod into a subgame.

The mana regeneration rate (the “mana tick”) is a global setting and is not configured on a per-player basis.

The mod provides a simple API to set, get, add and subtract the mana (and maximum) mana of any player, and for setting the regeneration amount. Note that this mod itself does not change the gameplay in a meaningful way. You should install other mods which use the Mana mod as a dependency.

The API documentation is in the file

If the mod “HUD bars” [hudbars] is installed, a blue bar will be added to the HUD showing the player's mana reserves. It currently only works with version 0.3.0 of this mod.

Otherwise, the mana is just shown as text.


This mod can be configured with minetest.conf! The following settings are accepted:

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