descriptionTwitter backend for Telepathy
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2008-08-27 Andrew WalbranPatches for ruby-dbusmaster
2008-08-26 Andrew WalbranCreating followers channel
2008-08-26 Andrew WalbranSupport for requesting contact handles (users) by name
2008-08-26 Andrew WalbranStarting to handle handles, and fixing bug where we...
2008-08-26 Andrew WalbranSignals, connection status, and skeletons of many metho...
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranRemoving excess code and debug output
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranStarting to implement Connection object and RequestConn...
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranChecking protocol
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranImplementing GetParameters
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranStarting to write D-BUS service
2008-08-25 Andrew WalbranTrying out Twitter API
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