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Girocco is a Git project hosting system used on, but written and packaged for easy re-deployment anywhere. (read more)
2018-10-06 Kyle J. McKaydocs: make custom root info removablemaster
2018-03-22 Kyle J. add repack dir links to logs and worktrees
2018-03-15 Kyle J. --no-full mode can generate...
2018-03-15 Kyle J. grok --reflog and --indexed...
2018-03-11 Kyle J. tolerate a peculiar HEAD
2018-03-11 Kyle J. add read_HEAD_ref function
2018-03-11 Kyle J. add some more "cursory" checks to set_HEAD
2018-03-10 Kyle J. support gc --force --recompress
2018-03-10 Kyle J. clean up notifyhook value in show result
2018-03-10 Kyle J. export GIROCCO_BASEDIR for girocco.notifyhook
2018-03-06 Kyle J. change default number of parallel jobs
2018-03-06 Kyle J. add [set]hooks command
2018-03-06 Kyle J. show 'has_global_hooks' => 1 etc. when...
2018-03-06 Kyle J. show 'has_local_hooks' => 1 when applicable
2018-03-06 Kyle J. allow --description alias for --desc
2018-02-28 Kyle J. McKayhooks: truly find ourselves
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