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This is a complete rewrite of the `Archlinux User Repository
<>`_ in Python/Django. It was created to improve the
usability and usefulness of the AUR, and to make it more maintainable.

The purpose of this application is to provide a catalogue of Archlinux
PKGBUILDs and binary packages. It allows user-contributed PKGBUILDs
without any verification process, beyond that which can be performed

For more information about the development process see the `AUR 2 article on
the Archlinux wiki <>`_


* `Django <>`_ >= 1.0
* `django-registration <>`_
* `django-tagging <>`_

If you use ``pip``, a ``pip-requirements.txt`` file is provided. It can be used as

    pip install -r pip-requirements.txt


After all dependencies have been installed the ````
file should be configured, a prototype has been provided as
````. The default ```` file has
defaults targeted for a development environment. On a production system
at least the settings in ```` should configured.

The *ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX* is only required if the admin app is used. It can be
left as is, but MEDIA_URL would have to to be changed. The suggested
configuration is to set it to ``/media/admin/`` and symlink that directory to the
admin media directory (``django/contrib/admin/media``) in your Django

A functioning email server is necessary for various parts of the application.
The *EMAIL_HOST* and *EMAIL_PORT* settings should be configured appropriately.
For development purposes, a dummy server can be used instead::

    python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:1025

At this point it would be a good idea to run all tests, to make sure everything works::

    python test
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappAdd "Group" account information on the user profile... master
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappAdd 'Registered: date' line into the Profile
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappFix login error message
2009-12-20 Ismael CarnalesFix added and updated fields in Package and Comment...
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappAdd "Licenses" line to the package detail page
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappChange "Packages" navigation link from "/" to "aur...
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappChange "Reverse dependencies" to "Required By" in packa...
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappChange the 'Go' button to 'Apply'
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappFix the activation step of registration
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappImplement Unflag feature on the Package Details page
2009-12-20 Laszlo PappRemove Community repository from Submit select/option box
2009-12-20 Christopher... Remove a redundant call to os.path.join in PackageSubmi...
2009-12-20 Christopher... Remove a missplaced word from the middle of package_det...
2009-12-20 Christopher... Fix package uploading with EOF at the end of parsepkgbu...
2009-12-05 Sebastian NowickiFix sorting by "updated" field in search view.
2009-11-27 Laszlo PappAdd 'any' to the architectures
8 years ago master