descriptionsimple async network library inspired by eggdrop2.0 library
last changeThu, 8 Nov 2007 11:37:18 +0000 (8 05:37 -0600)
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2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensupdate the sock->poll on the pollfd that we movedmaster
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostenssave pollfd offset in socket_t
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensupdate test to handle SIGPIPE
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensnew write and few bug fixes
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensfix big bug with losing fd's, and flag usage
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensadd gcc attribute for cnprintf (better warnings)
2007-11-08 Zachery Hostensupdate todo
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostensadd linemode to test
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostensadd linemode option
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostenschange buf/len names to handle in buffer for linemode
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostensgrow pollfds to socks, easier to maintain. remove debug...
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostensgeneralize sid creation / fd configing
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostenscall nonblock with sock instead of sid
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostenscall on_newclient on all new clients, not just the...
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostensallow on_newclient to accept as many clients as possible
2007-11-05 Zachery Hostenspass socket_t to register function
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