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You are dusting cobwebs off rst2info, a project that began in July 2009 with the good intentions of eventually being able to convert Python documentation into Texinfo format, so the Author could browse the blasted thing into Emacs as the gods intended. See, Python 2.6 (and 3.0) switched documentation formats to yet-another-light-markup-language which could only produce HTML and PDF files out of the box, meaning the info files we were used to from 2.5 and earlier disappeared. Fortunately, the same powers that be that decided to invent yet-another-light-markup-language went some way towards clawing their way out of the pit by developing a decent enough parsing and processing toolkit for the thing. On the upside, there was a good looking framework to start building upon. On the downside, the Author had no real knowledge of either reStructuredText or Texinfo format, and I suspect not enough enthusiasm to learn either in depth suitable for the task, so the whole thing was doomed from the first commit. So while you've been reading this, and wondering what is is about the internet that leads you to spend your time on that sort of thing, the Author has probably long since lost interest and is reading something else on the internet, and wondering what it is that leads him to spend his time on that sort of thing. In the mean time, I suggest you clone the repo, run nosetests, and see just what got done before the Apathycalypse. If it serves as any sort of a useful codebase for you, good luck with it.
2009-08-13 Matt CurtisMerge branch 'master' into def-listsmaster
2009-08-13 Matt Curtisadded more rst samples (sublists)
2009-08-13 Matt CurtisAdded definition lists
2009-08-12 Matt CurtisWe test some things that generate warnings, but don...
2009-08-12 Matt CurtisEnumerated lists can use letters (upper or lower case),
2009-08-11 Matt CurtisDocutils status messages are output as Texinfo comments,
2009-08-03 Matt CurtisSystem messages become comments.
2009-08-03 Matt CurtisBasic enumerated sub-lists seem to work.
2009-07-30 Matt CurtisAdded enumerated list
2009-07-28 Matt CurtisUse transforms in info_translator tests so we can test...
2009-07-25 Matt Curtisminor cleanup, more attempts to get rst_test_utils...
2009-07-25 Matt Curtiscan cope with deeper section levels
2009-07-24 Matt Curtisrst2info can now process some basic samples.
2009-07-24 Matt Curtisadded some samples for testing rst2info
2009-07-24 Matt Curtisall tests pass, but have a defect because rst2info...
2009-07-23 Matt CurtisTitles, chapters, sections and subsections now work
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