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Accentuate is a PDF Slideshow Presentation program written in Python based on a previous project that became unavailable due to trademark issues. It works to present PDF files, created with, e.g., LaTeX Beamer, with transitions and effects.
2008-11-03 J. R. MauroBump version number in the source codemaster
2008-10-14 J. R. MauroMassaging to make ugly global variables workv1.1
2008-10-14 J. R. MauroHack to fix powerdot/landscape hyperlink bug
2008-10-04 J. R. MauroAdded rr_trans patch from Rob Reid
2008-09-24 J. R. MauroInitialized repo with Accentuate 1.0mob
10 years ago v1.1 Version 1.1
10 years ago master
10 years ago gregfix
10 years ago mob