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The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is a cross-platform x86 assembler with an Intel-like syntax.
2019-01-11 H. Peter Anvin... alignb: disable warnings for use in a progbits sectionmaster
2019-01-11 H. Peter Anvin... warnings: add [warning push] and [warning pop]
2019-01-11 H. Peter Anvin... Warnings: move zeroing reserved space to a separate...
2018-12-30 H. Peter zero all the fields for a not-found token
2018-12-30 H. Peter Anvintokens.dat: TOKEN_SIZE sizes belong in inttwo, not...
2018-12-27 H. Peter Anvinnasmlib.h: clarify the semantics of nasm_aprintf_size()
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinMove <strings.h> inclusion to "compiler.h"
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinRemove #includes already provided by "compiler.h"
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinReplace <ctype.h> includes with "nctype.h"
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinMerge tag 'nasm-2.14.03rc1'
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinNASM 2.14.03rc1nasm-2.14.03rc1
2018-12-27 H. Peter Anvinchanges.src: document suppressed messages
2018-12-27 H. Peter AnvinBR 3392539: some errors can "cascade". Allow suppressin...
2018-12-26 H. Peter AnvinMerge tag 'nasm-2.14.02'
2018-12-26 H. Peter Anvincompiler.h: need to cast a (void *) to (char *) before...
2018-12-26 H. Peter Anvinnasmlib/ver.[ch]: add "compiler.h"
6 weeks ago nasm-2.14.03rc2 NASM 2.14.03rc2
7 weeks ago nasm-2.14.03rc1 NASM 2.14.03rc1
7 weeks ago nasm-2.14.02 NASM 2.14.02
8 weeks ago nasm-2.14.01 NASM 2.14.01
2 months ago nasm-2.14.01rc5 NASM 2.14.01rc5
2 months ago nasm-2.14.01rc4 NASM 2.14.01rc4
2 months ago nasm-2.14.01rc3 NASM 2.14.01rc3
2 months ago nasm-2.14.01rc2 NASM 2.14.01rc2
2 months ago nasm-2.14.01rc1 NASM 2.14.01rc1
3 months ago nasm-2.14 NASM 2.14
4 months ago nasm-2.14rc16 NASM 2.14rc16
7 months ago nasm-2.14rc15 NASM 2.14rc15
7 months ago nasm-2.14rc14 NASM 2.14rc14
7 months ago nasm-2.14rc13 NASM 2.14rc13
7 months ago nasm-2.14rc12 NASM 2.14rc12
7 months ago nasm-2.14rc11 NASM 2.14rc11
5 weeks ago master
6 weeks ago nasm-2.14.xx
7 weeks ago evalstr
7 weeks ago elf16
2 months ago mkwarnings
7 months ago note
7 months ago extnames
8 months ago mempool
12 months ago nasm-2.13.xx
21 months ago elf
23 months ago nasm-2.12.xx
2 years ago reldef
2 years ago nsis
2 years ago ctype
2 years ago elfmerge
3 years ago machomerge
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