descriptionA really simple hack of a LALR parser generator; generates Common Lisp output.
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last changeMon, 27 Feb 2006 02:08:48 +0000 (27 03:08 +0100)
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I recommend that you use cl-yacc by Juliusz Chroboczek instead of this package. Among other things, his package properly supports operator precedence and so on, and is a lot more polished -- I bet it's way faster, too. If that's the case, why am I releasing this code? Well, I had already written some things (like m68k-assembler) that depend on it. Also, the code is much shorter and I feel it might be more understandable to someone unfamiliar with either package and looking to modify a parser generator. Also, the default mode of operation for this package is to write the tables and parser to a stream, so you don't need to have this package around at runtime. Look at tests.lisp (or m68k-grammar.lisp in the m68k-assembler package) for examples of the grammar form.
2006-02-27 Julian SquiresRefactored ugly setf-union stuff to unionf.master
2006-02-26 Julian SquiresFixed write-parse-table fu.
2006-02-26 Julian SquiresContinuing refactoring. Also fixed test fu.
2006-02-25 Julian SquiresAdded a few basic tests, and did a bit of refactoring.
2006-02-07 Julian SquiresAdded license; refactored some code.
2005-07-17 Julian SquiresSome cleanups, improved #'MAKE-PARSER.
2005-06-28 Julian SquiresFixed stupid bugs, added preliminary write-to-file...
2005-06-28 Julian SquiresConversion of SLR parser generator to (very ineffecient...
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