descriptionxorg input driver
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readme input driver for use with TUIO Multitouch devices.
2009-12-15 Ryan Huffman64-bit fix, config.h needed to be at the top of the... master
2009-11-06 Ryan HuffmanAdded option for hiding device pointers
2009-11-06 Ryan HuffmanUnused devices are now moved to bottom right of screen
2009-08-19 Ryan HuffmanVersion 0.1.0xf86-input-tuio-0.1.0
2009-08-19 Ryan HuffmanAdded more man page info, modified default value for...
2009-08-18 Ryan HuffmanAdded more man page info
2009-08-18 Ryan HuffmanAdded description info to man file
2009-08-09 Ryan HuffmanAdded 2 new valuators: x velocity and y velocity
2009-08-05 Ryan HuffmanRemoved unused includes; removed inputproto from config...
2009-08-03 Ryan HuffmanFixed bug in _subdev_remove when subdev list is empty
2009-08-03 Ryan HuffmanFixed bug where subdevices were being assigned before...
2009-08-03 Ryan HuffmanFixed error with axis valuators not being allocated...
2009-07-29 Ryan HuffmanFixed typos, thanks Martin
2009-07-28 Ryan HuffmanFixed error where newly assigned subdevices were not...
2009-07-23 Ryan HuffmanAdded HAL removal of removed devices; added dynamic...
2009-07-11 Ryan HuffmanButton options wasn't working, fixed.
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