descriptionKlaudia is a Linux Audio Applications Manager, written in Python+Qt
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‚Ä©Klaudia is a multimedia application launcher with LADISH support.

‚Ä©Klaudia searches for installed packages (not binaries), and displays the respective
content as a launcher. The content is got through an hardcoded database, created
and/or modified to suit the target distribution (distributions may have different
versions of several packages, causing some to have different features).

To use, compile it first (ie, 'make'), then you can either run it from code or install it.

To run, use:
$ python src/
(Some distros may need 'python2' here)

To install, use the usual '[sudo] make install'. Klaudia will be installed in the /usr prefix.
After being installed, run it with:
$ klaudia

You'll also find it in the desktop multimedia menu.

Check for the full documentation.
2012-04-30 falkTXUpdate for 12.04master
2011-11-09 falkTXUpdate database to latest KXStudio changes; Fix icons
2011-09-26 falkTXmisc updates
2011-09-26 falkTXupdate linuxdsp stuff
2011-09-26 falkTXupdate bristol websites
2011-09-26 falkTXDon't require jackdbus, also get bpm from jack
2011-09-23 falkTXRemove broken support for ladish-git
2011-09-23 falkTXAdd missing icons
2011-09-23 falkTXDatabase updates; Don't require jackdbus start
2011-09-21 falkTXAdded tal-plugins
2011-09-21 falkTXUpdate for loomer-plugins
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2011-08-14 falkTXSet version as 1.01.0
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2011-08-14 falkTXGentoo "equery" support
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