descriptionGenerate JUnit compatible output from TAP tests
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last changeThu, 1 Oct 2009 16:37:27 +0000 (1 18:37 +0200)
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Generate JUnit compatible output from TAP tests.
2009-10-01 Lubomir RintelFix TAP::Parser PANIC on empty output from testmaster
2009-07-16 Lubomir RintelAdd MANIFEST to the filelist
2009-07-16 Lubomir RintelAdd changelog (rt #47840)
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelFix test timingv0.32
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelRevert "Fix test timing"
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelBump to 0.32
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelRecommend using the perl name mangling
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelFix test timing
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelFix up the version numberv0.31
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelMake test name mangling configurable
2009-07-13 Lubomir RintelMake up timing information for tests
2009-04-16 Lubomir Rintel... Release 0.30v0.30
2009-02-26 Jeff Lavalleelet File::Temp cleanup for us
2009-02-26 Jeff Lavalleeuse 3 argument form of open
2009-02-26 Jeff Lavalleeadd build_requires for Test::Deep
2009-02-26 Jeff Lavalleenew test that verifies times look right (using Test...
9 years ago v0.32
9 years ago v0.31
9 years ago v0.30
10 years ago v0.26
9 years ago master
9 years ago fedora