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Smatch is a static analysis tool for C. Most of the checks are for the linux kernel. Please write checks for your project. It's fun and easy!

There is a mailing list [smatch [at]]

6 days ago Dan Carpentertrinity: Proof of concept to auto-generate trinity... master
2018-11-01 Dan Carpenteruser_data: rename to smatch_kernel_user_data.c
2018-11-01 Dan Carpenterassigned_expr: rename to smatch_assigned_expr.c
2018-10-31 Dan Carpentersmatch: make the --enable/disable options take strings
2018-10-31 John Levonclock() is already defined on illumos, so rename the...
2018-10-31 John LevonIgnore "#ident" as found in some old sources.
2018-10-31 John LevonUse $(CFLAGS) when compiling smatch.c itself.
2018-10-31 Dan Carpentersmatch_nul_terminated: fix compile
2018-10-31 Dan Carpenteruntracked_param: fix a NULL dereference
2018-10-30 Dan Carpenteruninitialized: fix a crashing bug parsing "return ...
2018-10-23 Dan Carpenternul_terminator: track when strings have a NUL terminator
2018-10-18 Dan Carpenteruser_data2: fix a type issue in caller_info
2018-10-18 Dan Carpenteruser_data: integers can't be dereferenced
2018-10-18 Dan Carpentercomparison: make a buffer larger to make GCC happy
2018-10-18 Dan Carpenterdata_source: track assignments better
2018-10-18 Dan Carpenterextra: prevent a divide by zero
3 years ago 1.60
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5 years ago 1.58
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6 years ago 1.56
7 years ago v0.4.4 sparse release 0.4.4
7 years ago v0.4.4-rc2 Sparse 0.4.4-rc2
7 years ago v0.4.4-rc1 Sparse 0.4.4-rc1
8 years ago v0.4.3 sparse 0.4.3 release
8 years ago 1.55
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