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W e l c o m e  t o  S - r o f f

Please refer to the file INSTALL for build and installation remarks,
and to NEWS for release update information.

XX. Noticable tags

XX. Noticable tags

. s-roff
  The last GNU roff commit before the S-roff fork.
  This is 1.19.2-574-gecbf4f1, which also marks the last commit in
  a GPL2 licensed tree.

. s-roff-sync.1
  This tag points to the S-roff tree after all the synchronization was
  done.  I.e., any non-GPL3 covered changes of the GNU roff [master]
  branch until 2015-05-20 have been incorporated, any NetBSD change on
  their local GPL2 GNU roff tree from the years 2006 - 2014.
  The script ./ can be used to compare the trees of S-roff
  and GNU roff (look in the script head, say "MANUALS=false" to get
  a significantly smaller diff).

  We don't include some changes consciously, but others will come once
  i have implemented the code myself in a building and running S-roff,
  in order to avoid copyright violations (GPL3 is free, so i hope
  thinking the changes myself is sufficient to avoid violations).

  It wasn't planned that way, so unfortunately [s-roff-sync.1] already
  includes the [topic/file_case] branch that encapsulates searchpath::
  stuff into the new file_case class (allowing `.so' to include
  compressed files; in fact allowing *any* ROFF file to be compressed).
  And is mdocmx(7)ified already.
  And some only-style changes exist, like placing class members in the
  implicit private: range before going public: explicitly.
  Sorry especially for the latter.  It wasn't planned that way.

# s-ts-mode
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/sync-to-go-2'master
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/earlyfix'
2017-11-20 Steffen (Daode... removed
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoMerge branch 'topic/domain'
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoImplement false groff:[09040dbf] used to fix #47161
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoCXX peace: src/pre-grn/hgraph.cpp
2017-11-20 Steffen (Daode... doc/ typos (Zinn5jm)..
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoCXX peace: src/troff/input.cpp
2017-11-20 Ingo SchwarzeFix Fix Savannah bug #43905.
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoCXX peace: src/pre-eqn/pile.cpp
2017-11-20 Steffen (Daode... file_case.{h,cpp}: wether->whether; 2017
2017-11-20 Steffen (Daode... tmac/mdoc-syms: add a couple of entries (Anthony J...
2017-11-20 Steffen Nurpmesoman/ sprinkle *** (Dave Kemper)...
2017-11-20 Steffen Nurpmesoman/ fix Bernd Warken (Dave Kemper...
2017-11-20 Steffen NurpmesoBugfix: eqn: fix HTML entity (Brian McGuinness)..
2017-11-20 Steffen Nurpmesoman/ .tm,.tm1 go to STDERR not STDOUT
3 years ago s-roff-sync.1 This tag points to the S-roff tree...
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