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Project Description Owner Last Change
git/platforms.git Tracks individual repos dedicated to platform... 8 years ago
glAntsMech.git glAnts Mech Game - (for Open Linux/Win32... 10 years ago
imt.git Helper tool to invoke Microsoft's build tools... 11 years ago
libgdiplus.git Mirror of Libgdiplus (a GDI+ comptible API... 9 years ago
msysgit.git msysGit -- the development environment for... johannes.schindelin... 3 years ago
openwide.git Windows File-dialog control lukeletters_at_gmail_dot_... 7 years ago paq8px for Visual Studio 9 years ago
qallinone.git A media player which can play any media forma... 4 years ago
squawker.git A client written in C++/Qt4,... 11 years ago
stickies.git A clone of http://www.stickiesforwindows... 10 years ago
tinycc.git tinycc git repository 8 days ago
TortoiseGit.git Windows Explorer Extension to Operate Git 4 hours ago
wvstreams/wvbuild.git Full build environment to help build wvstream... 9 years ago
xiph/unicode.git Unicode patches for Win32 10 years ago