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2009-08-29 Thomas MartitzFS#8961 - Anti-Aliased Fonts.aaf
2009-08-29 Thomas MartitzIntegrate convttf into tools/.
2009-08-28 alexFix Gigabeat F manual. Thanks to Marianne Arnold for...
2009-08-27 kugelDo some #ifdef'ing to make the Player happy.
2009-08-27 terufix red.
2009-08-27 teruRearange menu of mpegplayer. Add new menu with "setting...
2009-08-27 terufix FS#10550. Start autostart.rock after gui_syncstatus...
2009-08-26 alleManual: do filling the table headers with colors in...
2009-08-26 blue_dudeAdds manual section for limiter preamp
2009-08-26 kugelFix skin engine calling wps code to draw the statusbars...
2009-08-25 alexAdd gigabeat F/S volume limits to the manual, and a...
2009-08-25 alexAdd button mapping for jackpot to the manual.
2009-08-25 alexAdd jackpot screenshots to the manual.
2009-08-25 alexAdd clix screenshots to the manual.
2009-08-24 alleFully fill the table headers with color
2009-08-24 alexChange the manual tabe colours so that we have a darker...
7 years ago gsoc2-buflib-compaction-flat
7 years ago gsoc2-buflib-insertion3
7 years ago gsoc2-audiobuf-accesses
7 years ago gsoc2-buflib-insertion3-flat
7 years ago gsoc2-dircache-rework
7 years ago android-test-plugins
7 years ago host_statusbar
7 years ago app-list-itemsize
8 years ago cabbiev2-800x480
8 years ago gsoc-android-2
8 years ago gsoc-android
8 years ago gsoc-android-botloader
8 years ago gsoc-dir-split
8 years ago gsoc-app-target
8 years ago pretty_compile_output
8 years ago gsoc-ifdef-cleanup
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