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Project Description Owner Last Change
0compile.git create a binary release from... 10 months ago
+ 0export.git create self-installing bundles... 2 years ago
0mirror.git create a mirror of other Zero... 2 years ago
0publish-gui.git GTK editor for Zero Install... 2 months ago
+ 0publish.git utility for processing Zero... 7 months ago
0release.git manage new releases with Zero... 6 months ago
0share.git peer-to-peer sharing of Zero... 7 years ago
0test.git Matrix testing for Zero Instal... 2 years ago
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 4 years ago
0x.git 5 years ago
12306_ticket_helper.git 18 months ago
18plus-7leafadventure.git Adult Text Adventure Framework... 3 years ago
2dmatching.git Code for two dimensional patte... 7 years ago
2dworld.git 3 years ago
2oom.git Moo2 remake project 7 years ago
3hU9fRjo95.git 5 years ago
4chanprog.git Another attempt at creating... 23 months ago
4DMemory.git A 4D version of Memory 8 years ago
4msysgit-hv.git A fork of msysgit/git for... 6 years ago
5f8b0d0fe564b437a6934ccc99915699.git 13 months ago
5semester.git Лабы за 5 семестр, БГУИР\КСиС... No commits
842697.git No commits
900513.git No commits
9413project001.git 3 years ago
a2jmidid.git ALSA sequencer <-> JACK MIDI... 2 years ago
A2k.git Ada "hello world" i386 kernel 6 years ago
aaproj.git 5 years ago
abby.git abby is a front-end for cclive 5 years ago
abc_test.git test 5 years ago
abduco.git abduco a tool for session... 6 days ago
abettersearch.git No commits
abook.git Abook is a text-based addressb... 6 years ago
AboutConfig.git AboutConfig extension aboutconfig-owner... 6 years ago
abris.git No commits
abstract.git Abstract is going to be a... 5 years ago
acal.git aCal Android CalDAV Client 2 years ago
acc.git Alexey's C compiler 5 years ago
accentuate.git PDF Slideshow Presentation... 7 years ago
acdata.git simple sqlite document databas... louis.guillaume... No commits
acer_acpi.git ACPI Extras for Acer laptops 7 years ago
acidsoria.git Repository dedicated to: Audio... barnadebianteam... 3 years ago
acme-metasyntactic-buzzwords.git Acme::MetaSyntactic::buzzwords... 8 years ago
acme-study-perl.git perl module/testing andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 7 years ago
acme-tie-eleet.git Acme::Tie::Eleet - Perl extens... 8 years ago
aco.git Algorithms for Ant Colony... 5 years ago
acogc.git simple coopertive garbage... 4 years ago
activemongo.git ActiveRecord for PHP and MongoDB 5 years ago
acts_as_ferret.git Git mirror of the acts_as_ferr... 8 years ago
acts_as_subscribeable.git A plugin to make subscriptions... 8 years ago
acx-mac80211.git ACX100/ACX111/TNETW1450 wirele... 7 years ago
aD2wvhBkMx.git 5 years ago
adBlock.git android AdBlock Proxy 6 years ago
AddApp.git create ROX application launche... 2 years ago
adeline.git No commits
aderlice_test.git aderlice test No commits
aderly_test.git test 3 years ago
adesklets.git An interactive Imlib2 console... 5 years ago
adg-lua.git Lua bindings for the ADG canvas 2 years ago
adg.git ADG: Automatic Drawing Generation 10 months ago
adi18n.git A gettext based translator... 8 years ago
adiumx.git AdiumX SVN import 8 years ago
adk-bluetooth-test.git This demo implemented the... 19 months ago
admin.git No commits
adorno.git A web interface to play music andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 5 years ago
adtree.git A tree integrator for asciidoc 8 years ago
AdvancedVolumeMixer.git Advanced Volume Mixer - Gnome... 2 years ago
adver.git avastor.developer... No commits
aeacus.git Simple issue tracking system 8 years ago
aerie.git small HTTP server 7 years ago
aerolith.git open-source soc platform 7 years ago
aesalon.git A program to collect, store... 4 years ago
afazio.git tools for the detection of... 8 years ago
afo.git 3 years ago
afritrack.git Sample Django tracking system 7 years ago
aftubes.git Modular non-destructive audio... 7 years ago
again.git testing No commits
agdavaarregn.git Documents concerning the drivi... 3 years ago
agere_fw_utils.git Firmware extractors for Agere... 7 years ago
agg.git news aggregator following... 4 years ago
Aggressive-BitTorrent-Downloader.git Aggressive BitTorrent Downloader 5 months ago
agianapa.git C++ code snippets 7 years ago
AHbot.git 6 years ago
ahxm.git Ann Hell Ex Machina (music... 4 years ago
aiccu.git SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectiv... 6 years ago
ail.git ail general purpose library void@erdos 6 years ago
ailab2.git Artificial intelligence search... victor.zamanian... 7 years ago
ailab3.git Scientific report on "Informat... victor.zamanian... 7 years ago
ajatus.git AJAX CRM based on CouchDb 7 years ago
akelos.git git-svn copy of the project. 7 years ago
akfoundationlib.git Just a simple C# project No commits
AKI.git AKI No commits
Akkordarbeit.git Akkordarbeit is a tool for... JoergWMittag+Akkordarbeit... 5 years ago
akonadigoogledata.git A google contacts/calendar... 7 years ago
alacarte.git alacarte mirror 5 months ago
alchemist.git Code generation library 7 years ago
Ale.git synthetic capture engine and... 6 years ago
alexandria.git Common Lisp utility collection 18 months ago
alexnick87-test.git 7 years ago
alfplayer.git alfplayer's personal repository 4 years ago
algebraic-prog-equiv.git The equivalence problem in... 6 years ago
algodat.git school project No commits
alita.git No commits
alkobot.git custom tailored jabber bot 4 years ago
allegf1.git No commits
alluc.api.git No commits
alphamote.git Sony alpha camera remote 6 years ago
alpine.git Alpine is a program to manage... 21 hours ago
alpinway.git Web queries about Trentino... 7 years ago
alt-git.git Alternate source for your... 23 hours ago
AltairOS.git Simple RealMode Operating... No commits
alternproj.git description No commits
alterverse.git A game engine for creating... 4 years ago
altfloat.git Alternative floating point... 4 years ago
alure.git OpenAL Utility Library 3 weeks ago
amarok.git distributedish development... hydrogen@notyetimplemente... 8 years ago
amarok_sonynw.git Library and plugin for accessi... 5 years ago
amazing.git An amazing widget manager... 7 years ago
ambit.git File Manager 8 years ago
ambros.git Autonomous Morsecode BROadcast... 2 months ago
AMDJ.git A set of routines in Java... 3 years ago
ameisenbaer.git Ant colony optimization program No commits
amiethrift.git Amie street git repo for Thrift 8 years ago
ampheus.git Ampheus' unofficional exheres 5 years ago
amule.git aMule P2P client stefano.picerno... 7 months ago
an0rqz.git Simple game project inspired... an0rqz@ze.yi.orgANISM 6 years ago
ana-net.git Lightweight Autonomic Network... 3 years ago
Anarchan.git A chan in python. 3 years ago
and.git 4 years ago
andGMXsms.git WebSMS for Android phones 6 years ago
andjs.git and javascript No commits
andk-cpan-tools.git Half baked stuff for my everyd... andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 15 hours ago
andmenj-acm.git andmej's solutions for problem... 4 years ago
andrew-tools.git ~andrew's tools as a git repo tuxlover684+suj... 5 years ago
android-kernel-omapzoom.git No commits
android.git No commits
android4.git android4 No commits
android_projects.git Various Android Projects mustafasakarya1986... 5 years ago
android_tools.git 2 months ago
+ angband.git A git mirror of Angband 7 years ago
angkotku.git No commits
anglosaxon.git A command line XML SAX parser No commits
anime_rename.git A script to rename arbitrary... 7 years ago
anisearch.git Searching for AniDB aid by... No commits
Anit-Slander-Campaign.git 5 years ago
anjuta-extras.git anjuta-extras 5 weeks ago
anjuta-git-plugin.git Anjuta IDE Git Plugin Developm... 7 years ago
anjuta.git anjuta mirror 12 days ago
annsl.git Artifical Neural Networks... No commits
anomen-kernel-config.git gentoo kernel configuration 12 days ago
anomen-overlay.git anomen's personal gentoo overlay 2 weeks ago
antidote.git antidote - a commandline mail... Bernhard.Guillon... 3 years ago
antimony.git Programming language developme... 2 days ago
AntiTD.git Anti Tower Defense anton.johansson... 7 years ago
antiword.git Antiword git mirror kirr@landau.phys... 5 years ago
AnyEvent-HTTPD.git AnyEvent::HTTPD perl module... 6 years ago
anything-config.git Predefined sources and actions... 3 months ago
anytun.git Implementation of SATP 7 years ago
aoi.git A simple Japanese-English... 2 years ago
AOOS.git AOOS - Agile Object Oriented... sebastianskejoe... 6 years ago
ap-comp-lit-poems.git Poems collection for Daniel... 6 years ago
apc.git CPU load monitor 18 months ago
apertium.git Open source machine translatio... 8 years ago
app-cpan2pkg.git generating native linux packag... 6 years ago
app-fc11-network-scripts-restore.git Fedora 11 network scripts... No commits
appfilter.git AppFilter application firewall 7 years ago
applet-bots.git A simulation environment for... rasman1978@users... 8 years ago
appoyo.git 6 years ago
appoyo2.git 5 years ago
apr-util.git Apache Portable Runtime utilities andreas.faerber... 6 years ago
aprog.git Simple multi-purpose Java... tuxlover684+suj... 2 years ago
Apuntaciones.git 2 years ago
aqualang.git An Interpreter, based on https... 14 months ago
arachne.git 7 years ago
Arachnida.git Arachnida embeddable HTTP... ronald@landheer... 5 years ago
aramzamzam-commons.git 6 years ago
aramzamzam-ru.rentdom.git none 6 years ago
arch-rock.git Arch Rock Linux - Stable relea... archlinuxstable... 7 years ago
archiso.git No commits
archive-zip.git Provide an interface to ZIP... 6 years ago
archive.git Архивы для будущих поколений 4 years ago
Archlinux-Stable.git 7 years ago
archlinuxdevstack.git ArchLinux Java Development... 5 years ago
archserver.git Config as a server base on... 7 years ago
archweb_dev-nj.git Nathan's archweb_dev tree 8 years ago
ardion-stuffs.git Our ardiono stuff. No commits
ardour2.git Digital Audio Workstation 4 years ago
ArdourMidi.git Testbed for new Ardour MIDI... 5 years ago
arduino-intervalometer.git Arduino Intervalometer 7 years ago
ArenaLive.git MMOFPS Game 6 years ago
arenopage.git 7 years ago
ariane.git This is a web cache written... 2 years ago
arib_std_b25.git Japanese TV standard "ARIB... 000111_anon@kobej... 3 years ago
aristoteles.git A simple, regex-based, just... 6 years ago
arla.git Arla AFS filesystem 7 years ago
arm.git Port a whole linux system... 6 years ago
armadillo_firmware.git Embedded systems development... mustafasakarya1986... 5 years ago
armadillo_hardware.git Armadillo Project's Hardware... mustafasakarya1986... 5 years ago
armadillo_manual.git Armadillo Project Reference... mustafasakarya1986... 5 years ago
armadillo_software.git Armadillo Project's Software... mustafasakarya1986... 5 years ago
armpft.git Adding pft support to QEMU... 6 years ago test No commits
AROS-Contrib.git Mirror of AROS' Contrib svn. 4 days ago
AROS-Ports.git Mirror of AROS' Ports svn. 5 months ago
AROS.git Mirror of AROS' svn. 4 days ago
arrocco.git 8 years ago
arrow.git Arrow_zhang test linux kernel... 7 years ago
arrowworld.git arrowworld store 7 years ago
ARTEMIC.git Autonomous Mobile Robotics... cristian.axenie... No commits
artemus.git The Artemus template toolkit 4 years ago
arthrology.git Arthrology (component) for... 4 years ago
arthrology_module.git Arthrology (module) for for... 5 years ago
artpalframework.git PHP/JS lightweight framework No commits
artwork.git artwork 4 years ago
arxana.git 2 years ago
asbestos.git PS3 Linux bootloader 3 years ago
ascii-data.git Read numerical data from an... 3 years ago
asdbits.git Various self-contained D modules No commits
asdevice.git avr as device operation code 5 years ago
asdf.git No commits
asenzett.git A smarter regression. No commits
asgard.git Asgard Free Software RPG 8 years ago
askyou.git :) 5 years ago
aspectbin.git An aspect ratio constraining... 6 years ago
aspectsharp.git No commits
asr.git Infrastructure for ladder... 5 years ago
Assignment-Trapper.git Web software for teaching... 3 years ago
asterisk-bristuff.git Open Source Private Branch... 7 years ago
asure.git Asure file integrity 7 years ago
atbbs.git Simple, yet powerful Web BBS... nexisentertainment... 5 years ago
atk.git atk mirror 3 weeks ago
atlantis.git The Atlantis server and user... sander.dijkhuis... 7 years ago
Atomics.git Vlinder Atomics Library 5 years ago
AtosmChip.git FPGA implementation of 8-bit... 7 years ago
atscap.git ATSC Transport Stream Capture... 7 years ago
attac-man.git multi-player pac-man clone 7 years ago
attr_splat.git attr_* puts Ruby Core's attr_a... 7 years ago
auctionmangos.git Mangos + auctionhouse bot... 7 years ago
aud.git minimalist audio player No commits
audiere2.git Audiere2 3 years ago
audio-mpd-common.git Audio::MPD::Common - bunch... 6 years ago
audio-mpd.git Audio::MPD - class to talk... 6 years ago
audiocatalog.git Program for sorting MP3 and... 5 years ago
audiomangler.git python CLI music management... 5 years ago
audiopager.git A book reader for android... 4 years ago
audiosum.git A tool to find duplicate mp3... alvarezp@alvarezp... 2 years ago
augment.git Code metadata framework 8 years ago
augmented-pf.git Augmentovane PFko No commits
aula.git Proyecto AULA 3 years ago
aur-mirror.git AUR mirror tredaelli@archlinux... 4 years ago
aur-pkgbuilds.git No commits
aur-xilon.git 8 years ago
aur.git Arch User-Community Repository... 8 hours ago
aur2.git Archlinux User Repository 6 years ago
aurman.git AUR manager No commits
AurShell.git AurShell is simple shell for... 7 years ago
auto-patcher.git smali editor that ports mods... 2 years ago
+ autoconf.git Mirror of the GNU Autoconf... 18 hours ago
autoform-autocomplete-array.git 2 weeks ago
+ automake.git Mirror of the GNU Automake... 3 weeks ago
AutomatorExifMover.git An Automator action to automat... 7 years ago
autophylo.git automatic DNA-based phylogenet... 4 years ago
+ autosshd_ALT.git Run autossh as system service... 3 months ago
AutoStart.git Manage XDG AutoStart entries... 7 years ago
autotest-zwu.git Zhi Yong Wu's KVM-autotest... wuzhy@linux.vnet... 4 years ago
autotrade.git Bitcoin market auto... 4 years ago
autotroll.git M4 macros to build Qt applicat... 2 days ago
av.git An alignment visualization... 7 years ago
avatt.git All Virtual All The Time cristi.magherusan... 6 years ago
avr-sim.git Atmel AVR simulator 5 years ago
avr_work.git Code for AVR uC 6 years ago
avrrsa.git porting of libmincrypt to AVR No commits
awesome.git awesome window manager 14 months ago
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewritin... 2 years ago
awl.git Andrew's Web Libraries andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 2 years ago
axonengine.git No commits
axonlib.git multiplatform / multiformat... No commits
ayans.git Again yet another news system 7 years ago
azalord.git No commits
azGit.git vbgunz personal learning repos... 8 years ago
azurax.git No commits
b4.git A simple Ruby on Rails based... 3 years ago
ba.git No commits
backlit.git Postgresql libpq Ada binding 6 years ago
backpacking.git Camping for Io 8 years ago
balllib.git Free bouncing ball library No commits
banshee.git banshee mirror 12 days ago
barbara.git This is a hierarchical distrib... 2 years ago
barebox-mini2440.git This tree is no more updated... marek.belisko@open... 5 years ago
+ barry.git Interface software for the... 3 months ago
barrytmp.git My Barry Contributions 7 years ago
barvinok.git lattice point enumeration... 3 weeks ago
BAS.git Application server for python... No commits
base.git flash game No commits
base_ror3_portal.git Basic Ruby on Rails Portal 5 years ago
bash.git Bourne-style shell with tab... 4 years ago
basic1.git No commits
basket4.git BasKet Note Pads 4: An informa... 7 years ago
batcop.git No commits
baulk.git Baulk is a cross-platform... 6 years ago
bazdig.git better sql console wirtten... 7 years ago
BBD.git Burning Bird Development Group... tweety100.clonk... No commits
bbdb-vcard.git vCard Import and Export for... 5 years ago
bbearapp.git This Rails App is meant to... 3 years ago
bbkeys.git Keyboard handler for Blackbox 8 years ago
bbs.git No commits
bcl.git Base library for the coding... 4 years ago
bcms.git Content Management System... 7 years ago
bcr-a2csamples.git Samples for the A2C ASN.1... 8 years ago
bcu1driver.git Linux kernel driver for EIB... mkoegler@auto.tuwien... 6 years ago
bcui-org-mode.git Baoqiu Cui's public repository... No commits
bcusdk.git eibd (EIB/KNX network stack... mkoegler@auto.tuwien... 4 years ago
bddc.git Parallel solvers and pre/post... 8 months ago
beacon-ss.git thread-safe signals&slots 7 years ago
beagle.git A Beagle Git Repo 9 years ago Website for aggregating open... 22 months ago
BeagleSkin.git MediaWiki skin: One column... 3 months ago
beanstalkd.git Beanstalkd is a fast, distribu... 4 months ago
beast-modified.git Beast Modified (ruby forum) 8 years ago
BechesTest.git mateusz.glapinski... 5 years ago
beckett_pastebin.git beckett_pastebin... No commits
beedb.git BeeDB, experiments towards... knielsen.public... 5 years ago
begorra.git A GPL Go program. 7 years ago
benchtools.git Several small benchmarking... soeren.wellhoefer... No commits
BennuGD.git Mirror of the BennuGD SVN... kazuki.przyborowski... 4 months ago
berndj-bootstrap.git Collection of post-apocalyptic... bernd.jendrissek... 5 years ago
besstails.git 2 years ago
BETON.git 4 years ago
Beursplein5.git Beursplein 5 Component for... 6 years ago
beyond.git No commits
bezzabot.git automated client for web brows... No commits
bibanon.git The Bibliotheca Anonoma is... 2 months ago
bibledit.git Bibledit collaboration testing... No commits
biblio.git yohannlepage@2xyo... No commits
bibliodb.git Bibliographical database in PHP 5 years ago
bigclean-emacs.git Bigclean's own emacs configura... 6 years ago
biginteger-lo27.git This contains a very simple... 7 years ago
bills-tools.git Misc tools 5 years ago
billygoat.git Simple command-line time tracking 8 years ago
bin.git 3 years ago
bindumps.git 12 months ago
bindums.git No commits
+ binutils.git git-cvsimport of binutils... 3 years ago
biocity.git A population simulator in C++ 7 years ago
biolisp.git Bioinformatics in lisp 7 years ago
bioperl-db.git BioSQL BioPerl ORM bindings 2 months ago
bioperl-live.git BioPerl core 2 days ago
bioperl-network.git BioPerl modules for protein... 6 weeks ago
bioperl-run.git BioPerl wrappers 8 months ago
bioperl.git test bioperl repo No commits
+ bison.git GNU bison 5 months ago
bitbake.git Bitbake mirror 4 years ago
bitcoin.git 4 years ago
bitfountain.git Communist file sharing over... 5 years ago
bitlbee.git git mirror of the bitlbee... 3 years ago
bitrig.git 2 years ago
bityugov.git Personal projects 8 years ago
bkell-clj.git A Clojure implementation of... 5 years ago
bl_monitoring.git beamline monitoring 5 years ago
blabla.git No commits
blablabla.git No commits
black_box_cellml.git Support for CellML models... ak.miller@auckland... 7 years ago
blackbox.git Blackbox, an X11 window manager 6 years ago
blacklight.git Blacklight No commits
blacktomato.git My personal repositories 5 years ago
blaRAY.git Simple, yet photon mapping... 7 years ago
blender-addons-contrib.git Central repository of Blender... mackyle+blender... 2 days ago
blender-addons.git Central repository of Blender... mackyle+blender... 2 days ago
blender-dev-tools.git Blender Developer Tools mackyle+blender... 4 days ago
blender-translations.git Blender UI translation managem... mackyle+blender... 4 days ago
blender.git Free and Open 3D Creation... mackyle+blender... 3 hours ago
blink.git Blink is the rendering engine... 4 months ago
blip.rb.git Ruby bindings for 7 years ago
bliper.git android client for 6 years ago
blobbuild.git A blob that builds. 7 years ago
blobwars-mingw.git A MinGW "port" of Blob Wars... 7 years ago
blockfinder.git 6 days ago
blocksruntime.git The libBlocksRuntime.a library... 18 hours ago
blocksshd_00z.git blocksshd_00z branch. 7 years ago
blog.git No commits common perl modules 7 years ago Multilingual blog written... 7 years ago
blog3.git Simple Rails project 2 years ago
bloggit.git A ruby CMS/Blogging tool that... 7 years ago
bloggy.git A simple blog publishing system. 6 years ago
blorb-thumbnailer.git GNOME thumbnailer for Blorb... 3 years ago
blosxom-plugins.git Plugins for the Blosxom Blog... 8 years ago
blosxom.git Blosxom GIT Repository 6 years ago
blua.git Bloated LUA! 7 years ago
blueprint-css.git Blueprint CSS Framework 4 years ago
blynken.git ACG-Bonn Blinkenlightsserver 7 years ago
bm-groupware-server.git Parts of the bionicmessage... matt@mcbridematt... 5 years ago
bMailZu.git Bastiaan's Mailzu development 8 years ago
bnac-common.git Common files of the bnac project 4 years ago
bnac-editor.git Editor for the bnac project 4 years ago
bnac-visitor.git Visitor application for the... 4 years ago
bnac.git bnac - a virtual museum suite 4 years ago
boa.git Metacircular evaluator in... 8 years ago
boalisp.git Lisp to Python bytecode compiler 7 years ago
+ boaqonstrictior.git A snake-like game (Uni project... 5 years ago
Bob.git Bob is an XML Data Binding... 5 years ago
bob.git Bob 2 years ago
bob_language.git Language BoB project 4 years ago
bochs-mirror.git Mirror of Bochs CVS 7 years ago
bodq.git Bodq's stuff 7 years ago
bogdanos.git bogdanos is a simple UNIX... No commits
bomtable.git BOMTable Tools No commits
boo.git Boo Programming Language 7 years ago
booboo.git booboo gentoo overlay 15 hours ago
booki.git easy book generator 6 years ago
Bookkeeping.git 'Bookkeeping' provides a Shell... 5 years ago
bookmarks.git bookmarks for myself No commits
BookReader.git No commits
Booktype.git The open source platform to... service-repoor@kamal... 43 hours ago
boomerang.git A general, open source, retarg... 2 years ago
boost.git Boost git-svn mirror 6 years ago
boost.m4-rhys.git Personal fork of boost.m4 No commits
boost.m4.git M4 macros to use Boost with... 6 years ago
boost_lockfree.git 4 years ago
bootos.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
bordeaux-threads.git Portable shared-state concurre... 2 weeks ago
bosc.git a Spring RTS script compiler 8 years ago
botlist.git Botlist is a social bookmarkin... 7 years ago
Bottis.git IRC Bot for educational purpose No commits
boxen.git Vaporware Multiple Personality... 8 years ago
boxroom-stian.git Hosting my changes to boxroom 8 years ago
BrainSamurai.git Brain Samurai 7 years ago
brasero.git brasero mirror 12 days ago
brdnet.git [WIP] P2P messaging and file... 5 weeks ago
breadcrumb.git GPS tracking for Windows CE... 6 years ago
breadcrumbs.git a system for a local economy lino.ferrentino... 8 years ago
bridge-dev.git my dev tree for bridge 7 years ago
brmpsu.git brmPSU - cheap bench power... 5 years ago
brmpuk.git Simple robot control software 4 years ago
brmtron.git 4 years ago
broadcastadmin.git BroadcastAdmin is a project... 8 years ago
browser.git 4 years ago
BrunelResearch-dirac.git Dirac Video Codec Research... 7 years ago
BS_AY250.git 5 years ago
bsecure.git martin.hoffman789123... 17 months ago
BTFJ.git Permutes an unsymmetric matrix... 3 years ago
btree.git BTree Project 7 years ago
+ btrfs-progs-unstable.git Btrfs-progs-unstable mirror 4 years ago
bubblegum.git A file and directory watcher 9 years ago
bug-buddy.git bug-buddy mirror 10 months ago
bugbuster.git A distributed bug tracking... No commits
bugg-scheme-compiler.git Scheme Compiler itamar.benzaken... 6 years ago
build-benchmarks.git Tools for benchmarking build... 6 years ago
build-cgdb.git 2 years ago
buildbot.git Python-based continuous integr... 6 years ago
BuildingRSQ.git No commits
buildr.git Git mirror for apache buildr 7 years ago
buildrom.git Tool for building coreboot... cristi.magherusan... 6 years ago
buildroot-gz.git My buildroot patches gustavo@zacarias... 12 hours ago
buildroot.git uClibc cross-compilers and... 6 years ago
bullet.git bullet No commits
burt-test.git 4 years ago
busybox-git.git Updated mirror of the Busybox... 5 days ago
busybox.git Busybox: The Swiss Army Knife... johannes.schindelin... 8 years ago
bwmon.git Application-level bandwidth... 3 years ago
bysj.git Project of BiYeSheJi No commits
+ bzr-fastimport.git Bazaar Fast Import 20 months ago
bzrfruit.git bzr branch viewer 8 years ago
C-Data-Structures.git 2 years ago
c-exercises.git Learn C programming language... 6 years ago
C-Programming-Examples.git Some examples of C programs. 5 years ago
c-standard.git html version of the c standard 3 years ago
c100.git No commits
c1cc.git 3 years ago
C_programing_practice.git moved to https://chiselapp... 4 years ago
CabletX13.git CabletX13 codes No commits
cacert-bootstrap.git set of scripts to bootstrap... 6 years ago
cacheSweave.git cacheSweave package for R 8 years ago
cadabra.git Computer algebra system for... kasper.peeters@aei... 4 years ago
cadence-nykeej.git Copy of cadence.git 5 years ago
cadence.git Cadence is a set of tools... 3 years ago
Cafu-Engine.git 2 months ago
cafu-Engine.git 2 months ago
+ cairo.git Cairo graphics API 3 weeks ago
cake-bipr.git cake-4-bipr No commits
cake-Z.git cake core No commits
cake.git The AROS cake. Goodness baked... 6 years ago
CAL.git An Abstraction Layer for modul... No commits
calcinator.git A calculator written in C sebastianskejoe... 6 years ago
calf.git Calf Audio Plugin Pack 6 months ago
calfbox.git Open source music instrument 10 months ago
calfwidgets.git Calf synth/audio widgets library 7 years ago
callgrind_tools.git collection of tools for messin... 8 years ago
CallMeterNG.git call counting android app 6 years ago
callshow.git 试验 No commits
camarabuntu.git Camarabuntu linux distro scripts 7 years ago
camlunity.git simple web framework in ocaml 6 years ago
canaan.git 3d game engine 5 years ago
candl.git Dependence analyzer in the... 18 months ago
Cantaveria.git action adventure platform... No commits
cantaveria.git action adventure platform... 5 years ago
canvas.git A Web Application Development... 8 years ago
capital-apms-progress.git Capital Accounting & Property... andrew-nospam@mcmillan... 6 years ago
capital-apms.git Capital Accounting & Property... 3 years ago
capturemjpeg.git A MotionJPEG library for Proce... 7 years ago
carbonphp.git carbonPHP is a framework for... 7 years ago
care2x.git Care2x Electronic Medical... 8 years ago
carla.git 5 days ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby... 7 years ago
CarteBlanche.git Cartilla telefónica TEC No commits
cartoscripts.git Usefull scripts from CartoLab 6 years ago
cashio.git No commits
caskati.git Experimental chat server writt... 4 years ago
cassata.biscotto.git A test renderer for cassata 6 years ago
cassata.git A fully featured meta-renderer 6 years ago
cassilda.git UML/QEMU/XEN image generator... No commits
cassowary.d.git quick-and-dirty port of Cassow... 10 months ago
castfs.git castfs is a staged-root fuse... 7 years ago
castle.git Git import of castle svn 7 years ago
Catalyst-Plugin-Static-TT.git Catalyst plugin for applicatio... 8 years ago
cave.git An NCurses asciimation viewer 8 years ago
cave9.git sfcave goes 3D 7 years ago
cbaos.git Kernel for microcontrollers... 5 years ago
cbnc.git IRC bouncer written entirely... steven.crothers... No commits
cboard.git NCurses chess engine interface 3 months ago
Cbot.git An IRC bot written in the... 7 years ago
cbs-scheduler.git A cbs scheduler for rt-kernel 6 years ago
ccandy.git This is a command line tool... 2 years ago
ccbib.git Creative Commons Bibliothek 3 months ago
cclive-np.git 2 years ago
cclive.git Command line media download... 2 years ago
ccrypt.git Ccrypt is a linux patch for... dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 7 years ago
+ cdrkit.git 3 days ago
cds-indico.git CDS Indico - Event management jose.pedro.ferreira... 6 months ago
cdsTestProj.git This is a test to see if I... 7 years ago
cebsyl.git 7 years ago
cedet.git No commits
CellLocator.git GSM Cell location app 7 years ago
+ cellml-draft-miller.git Unofficial Draft CellML Specif... ak.miller@auckland... 5 years ago
celtk.git Linux/SBCL Friendly Fork of... 7 years ago
celtx-debian.git Debian packaging for Celtx 4 years ago
+ centerim.git a textmode multi-protocol... 4 years ago
+ centerim5.git a textmode multi-protocol... 2 months ago
cerbero_comunes.git libreria comunes No commits
cerebrum.git RPC framework for interaction... 13 months ago
cernimil.git No commits
cev.git Simple C/C++ and java evaluation robin.rosenberg... 6 years ago
cewqo08.git A simple application that... 7 years ago
cf.git cf No commits
cf_tmp.git 5 years ago
cffi.git The Common Foreign Function... loliveira@common... 46 hours ago
cfscript.git CF Script is a programming... No commits
CGI-Application-Plugin-RunmodeDeclare.git Declare runmodes with keywords 7 years ago
CGIscriptor.git A flexible HTML 4 compliant... 21 months ago
cgit.git web interface (cgi) for git... 2 weeks ago
cgmail.git VCS-GIT for cGmail debian... 6 years ago
chalow-eserte.git A fork of the chalow blog... 7 years ago
chanembed.git No commits
chango.git chango is a Tinychan/Kareha... 5 years ago
chanl.git Private repository for development No commits 7 years ago
chanspy.git chanspy 6 years ago
chaos_theory.git 4 years ago
charm.git Charm++ is a parallel object... 24 hours ago
charmilia.git wii game 7 years ago
chartparser.git A Ruby chart parser 7 years ago
ChatApp.git Example Java Chat application 5 years ago
chatter.git A Telepathy Client in C# 9 years ago
cheatproxy.git A BitTorrent cheat proxy. 7 years ago
check-version.git 6 years ago
check_mk.git check_mk 2 hours ago
checker-flow-ng.git A rewrite of the Checker Frame... 5 years ago
cheese.git cheese 6 days ago
chere.git Cygwin chere package 23 months ago
chew.git yawn...another web framework 8 years ago
chibi.git A Simple, Small, Wireless... 5 years ago
chimera.git Yet another 2D RPG game 7 years ago
chocolate-doom.git Mirror of the Chocolate Doom... mikeonthecomputer... 5 years ago
chr.git copy of chr 7 years ago
chromerefcontrol.git Change referer, like Firefox... No commits
chromium-blink-merge.git 4 months ago
chromium.git Mirror of the Chromium SVN... 7 years ago
chuck-blob.git ChucK => Strongly-timed, On... 5 years ago
cidro.git A website and a framework... No commits
cinan.git configs 6 years ago
+ cinelerra_cv.git The Cinelerra Video editor... 7 years ago
ciopfs.git Case Insensitive On Purpose... 3 years ago
circ.git Circ is an IRC client written... 8 years ago
cirosantilli-test.git Mirror of: https://github... No commits
citadel.git Sam's citadel repo 6 years ago
citezen_doc.git 6 years ago
citygo-google-transit.git GTFS files for CityGo, public... 6 years ago
cl-base64.git Base64 encoder/decoder 5 months ago
cl-c.git C parser 4 years ago
cl-cluster.git CL-Cluster 5 years ago
cl-cudd.git Common Lisp wrappers for CUDD... 4 years ago
cl-devil.git DevIL bindings for Common... 6 years ago
cl-elf.git Elf file format parsing utilit... 7 years ago
cl-ftgl.git FTGL bindings for Common Lisp 7 years ago
+ cl-glfw.git Common Lisp CFFI bindings... airbaggins@users... 3 years ago
cl-grapher.git cl-grapher No commits
cl-gtk2.git Common Lisp binding for Gtk+ Kalyanov.Dmitry... 4 years ago
cl-ipmsg.git 3 years ago
cl-llvm.git CL LLVM bindings 6 years ago
cl-mediawiki.git A Common Lisp wrapper around... 4 years ago
cl-notify.git Common lisp bindings for libnotify 7 years ago
cl-opossum.git A Parsing Expression Grammar... 7 years ago
cl-sane.git Common lisp bindings for SANE 9 months ago
cl-satwrap.git Generic SAT solver interface... 4 years ago
cl-slurp.git SLURP 4 years ago
cl-sqlite.git Common Lisp binding for SQLite Kalyanov.Dmitry... 4 years ago
cl-trane.git A Common Lisp framework for... mpasternacki@common... 4 years ago
cl-tuples.git Libray for writing optimised... 21 months ago
cl-utf8.git Common Lisp UTF-8 library 4 years ago
cl-v4l2.git Common Lisp bindings for Video... 5 years ago
cl-vectors.git CL vector rasterization and... 5 years ago
cl-vendor.git 4 years ago
cl-w32api.git Win32 API Invoking Libraries 4 years ago
cl-webkit.git Common Lisp bindings for WebKi... joachim.fasting... 4 years ago
cl-x86-asm.git X86 Assembler written in Commo... 7 years ago
cl-zmq.git Common Lisp bindings for ZeroMQ2 23 months ago
CLab.git Control de Laboratorio 7 years ago
clamfilter.git ClamWin on-access scanner 4 years ago
+ clan.git Basic translator from high... 6 months ago
clang-x.git No commits
+ clang.git GIT mirror of clang project 4 years ago
clash.git No commits
class-dump.git A command-line utility for... 4 months ago
claws.git 37 hours ago
+ clay.git Clay, the Chunky Loop Alterati... 15 months ago
clbuild.git Mirror of clbuild No commits
CleverRabbit.git Bible Translation Editor for... 13 months ago
clfswm.git clfswm 11 months ago
client-tools.git swg client tools 5 months ago
clientserver.git A small chat server and client. victor.zamanian... 8 years ago
clive-utils.git Misc. utils for clive 6 years ago
clive.git Command line video extraction... 3 years ago
clldap.git Common Lisp LDAP library 6 years ago
clogger.git configurable request logging... 2 weeks ago
clojure-patches.git Patches to Clojure 7 years ago
clon.git Command-Line Options Nuker 2 years ago
cloog-merge.git Merging graphite's Cloog-PPL... simbuerg@fim.uni... 5 years ago
cloog-parma.git PPL backend for CLooG 5 years ago
cloog-polylib.git PolyLib backend for CLooG 4 years ago
cloog-ppl.git Port of CLooG to PPL 4 years ago
+ cloog.git Code generator for polyhedra... 6 months ago
closure-common.git Shared code for Closure XML... cxml-devel@common... 5 years ago
closure-html.git HTML parser written in Common... 17 months ago
cloudapi.git source code and document for... 4 years ago
clqr.git Common Lisp Quick Reference 8 months ago
cls.git XLispStat 8 years ago
+ clsql.git a SQL database for Common... 11 months ago
cltracer.git Ray tracing engine using OpenCL 4 years ago
clumanager.git Cluster Manager 4 years ago
cluster_expansion.git Cluster Expansion for CO later... rieger@fhi-berlin... 5 years ago
cluster_expansion_mc.git canonical MC for CO on Pd... rieger@fhi-berlin... 5 years ago
cluster_expansion_thesis.git canonical MC for CO on Pd... rieger@fhi-berlin... 5 years ago
ClusterDetector.git Atomar Simulation - Cluster... 7 years ago
clw.git Clarkway, an SSL port forwardi... 8 years ago
cmake.git Import of's complete... 6 years ago
CMakeLuaTailorHgBridge.git Intermediate bridge repo betwe... ewingdotpublic@gmail... 6 years ago
cmogstored.git alternative mogstored implemen... 5 days ago
cmover.git Move a character over the... 5 years ago
cmplus.git 3 years ago
cmus.git ncurses based music player 7 years ago
cnet.git simple async network library... 8 years ago
cnetworkmanager.git Command line interface for... 5 years ago
cnode.git'wiki No commits
cnoor.git A simple holy Quran viewer... 12 months ago
cnruby.git No commits
cntlm.git Fork of cntlm Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 5 months ago
cnwhitelist.git 4 years ago
coachiever.git No commits
coachiever2.git 5 years ago
cobas.git Codigo de David 5 years ago
codegen4j.git Code generation tool 6 years ago
codimension.git codimension git mirror 10 months ago
coffeefix.git No commits
+ cogito.git Git Interface for Humans 8 years ago
COLAMDJ.git Column approximate minimum... 3 years ago
colexworks.git myworks No commits
colly.git 3 years ago
colortracking.git Video tracking using colour... No commits A fetcher and viewer for webco... 6 years ago
common.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
CommonLispStat.git XLispStat port to CommonLisp 3 years ago
community-lisp-ru.git 6 years ago
comos.git ComOS - The Community Operatin... 7 years ago
comp80.git Code for the Comp80 website 5 years ago
+ compass.git Script and website to extract... 19 months ago
compctl.git Computations under control... 3 years ago
comperio-email-signature.git Generate the default comperio... No commits
CompiladoresAndre.git No commits
compresslog.git Tools to compress apache logs... martin.langhoff... 10 months ago
Concurrency.git This project is meant to teach... 5 years ago
concurrent.git The Omnibus Concurrency Librar... 8 years ago
Config-Perl-V.git Structured data retreival... 18 months ago
configd.git A configuration daemon over... 8 years ago
configs.git Just my configs, anything... 6 years ago
conformal.git A conformal mapping plugin... conformal@drmicha... 3 years ago
cong.d.git command console for D language... 15 months ago
congif.git convert script(1) output to GIF 6 months ago
+ conkeror.git a xulrunner web browser with... 25 hours ago
ConsolidationCalculation.git 5 years ago
construo.git 2D construction toy using... 7 years ago
contacts_plasmoid.git Animated Contacts Plasmoid igor_trindade@yahoo... 6 years ago
context.git ConTeXt is a document markup... 23 months ago
+ contiki-2.x.git Contiki OS for tiny computers 5 years ago
converter.git Format conversion between... taj.khan@inria.Fr 20 months ago
cool-tweets.git No commits
cor.git connection oriented routing michi1@michaelblizek... 4 weeks ago
cor_2_6_31.git connection oriented routing... michi1@michaelblizek... 4 years ago
coreboot2.git coreboot repo mirror sidthane@aussiemail... 25 hours ago
+ coreutils.git GNU core utilities 7 days ago
cornucopia.git No commits
cornucopiafso.git 20 months ago
corutils.git connection orienter routing... michi1@michaelblizek... 4 weeks ago
corvix.git corvix GNU/Linux distribution 6 years ago
corwebsite.git website templates michi1@michaelblizek... 9 months ago
couchdb.git CouchDB Ruby Library 8 years ago
couchdbimport.git import of the couchDB svn 8 years ago
couchobject.git Ruby client for CouchDB 8 years ago
couchpytato.git Multimedia-jukebox application... 8 years ago
cow_2001.git cow_2001's free sources 7 years ago
cowl.git Common Lisp OpenGL™ Widget... airbaggins@users... 4 years ago
cowTrack.git No commits
cpan-testers-parsereport.git CPAN-Testers-ParseReport andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR... 5 weeks ago
CPandaTEST.git 6 years ago
cpanplus-dist-mdv.git CPANPLUS::Dist::Mdv - easy... No commits
cparser.git kristianrumberg... 7 years ago
cpdf.git a small and simple pdf viewer... 6 years ago
cpls.git No commits
+ cppi.git GNU cppi mirror 3 days ago
CppToLua.git 5 years ago
cppu.git C++ Unit Testing Framework 8 years ago
cpuHistory.git CPU History for OS X 8 years ago
crack-attack.git Crack Attack! is a fast-paced... 8 years ago
crak.git The crak for kernel 6 years ago
crap.git most unsorted things 8 weeks ago
crapvine.git A python implementation of... 8 years ago
craw.git C.R.A.W. Module v@id 5 years ago
+ crawl.git Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup ... 4 years ago
CRC.git Sistema de Controle de Inventa... 5 years ago
create_vflash5.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
create_vflash6.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
create_vflash7.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
creativeforge.git A Minecraft Creative Server. samuel.hodgkins... No commits
crhash.git Cryptographic hash 4 years ago
cris-mirror.git CRIS linux kernel tree 7 weeks ago
crisos.git 7 years ago
cron-utils.git Utils for cronjobs martin.langhoff... 2 years ago
cronlist.git Lists upcoming cron tasks 3 years ago
cropwidget.git a simple Qt widget capable... 6 years ago
CRouting.git Pretty simple and efficient... 4 years ago
cruel.git simple SDL UI library 3 years ago
crush-sequencer.git midi sequencer for asynchronou... 5 years ago
cryosleep-ng.git 6 years ago
cryptdemo.git Automated encryption and decry... je@ne.regrette.rien 4 years ago
cryptodev-linux.git Cryptodev for linux 3 years ago
crywrap.git CryWrap is a simplistic daemon... 4 years ago
CS-101.git Introduction to Computer Scien... 3 years ago
cs213project.git Git Deneme koray.gulcu@ozu... No commits
cs351.git CS 351 course repository 7 years ago
csharp_utitlities.git Some useful C# utilities jonas.granqvist... 7 years ago
CSharpLibraryStarterKit.git A starting point for C# librar... 6 years ago
cslatevm.git The Slate Implementation 4 years ago
csp.git No commits
csplainnat.git BiBTeX style for the Czech... 2 years ago
+ csql.git Main memory database SQL engin... 4 years ago
csrf-magic-web.git Website for csrf-magic 2 years ago
csrf-magic.git Wizard CSRF protection for PHP 18 months ago
cswow.git 11 months ago
cswowd.git 11 months ago
ct-quota-pq.git quota for linux containers... 6 years ago
cteddy.git xteddy clone using GTK+ 2... 6 years ago
ctkuk.git Klient pro sledování pořadů... 4 years ago
ctl24.git 6 years ago
cToan.git cToan: Can't Think Of A Name... TidusBlade@watermelonaddi... 5 years ago
ctodo.git A simple commandline todo... stefanhetzwaantje... 6 years ago
ctxt.git A simple plain text to html... 3 years ago
cuberevo.git Cuberevo 3rd party projects No commits
cudacompress.git Cuda Project No commits
cuibap.git An offline blogging engine... 9 years ago
cuisinez.git No commits
curltunnel.git A proxy tunnel using libcurl 8 years ago
custlog.git customer service log randomutterings... 7 years ago
CustomFancyTree.git 3 months ago
cuteobr.git cuteobr's git 7 years ago
cutop.git swiss army knife for cuda 4 years ago
cv.git vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 6 weeks ago
cview.git A comparative genetic map... 7 weeks ago
cvs2svn.git Migrate CVS repositories to... 4 months ago
cvsc.git Capybara vs. Crocodiles No commits
cvsclone.git A quick CVS repository leecher johannes.schindelin... 3 years ago
cvsps-hv.git Collection of patches and... 3 years ago
+ cvsps-yd.git Collection of patches to cvsps 7 years ago
+ cvsps.git cvsps johannes.schindelin... No commits
cw-ee-280210.git No commits
cwc.git A Crossword Compiler 6 years ago
cxgn-corelibs.git Various Modules relating to SGN 2 days ago
cxgn-jslib.git Common set of Javascript libra... 5 years ago
cxml-rng-test.git Relax NG test suite (submodule... 7 years ago
cxml-rng.git Relax NG for cxml 17 months ago
cxml-stp.git A data structure for well... 3 years ago
+ cxml.git Closure XML parser, written... cxml-devel@common... 4 years ago
cyberduck.git 3 months ago
cyberflex-jdkbx.git No commits
+ cygport.git Mirror of Cygport w/ HTTP... Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 11 days ago
cygwin-base-files.git Cygwin base-files Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 4 months ago
cygwin-run.git Cygwin run.exe Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 5 months ago
+ cygwin-setup.git Mirror of Cygwin-Setup Stromeko@Stromeko.DE 9 days ago
cygwin_dotemacs.git My cygwin emacs stuff 5 years ago
d2dqcc.git modified QuakeC compiler for... 2 years ago
d2dvcd.git GNU/Linux port of Doom2D game... 2 years ago
+ dab-pve-appliances.git DAB examples from the proxmox... 3 months ago
dabba.git emmanuel.roullit... 2 years ago
dack.git Ack(grep-like tool)-like tool. dawid.ciezarkiewicz... 7 years ago
daesh-projects.git daesh-projects@ext... No commits
dailyzen.git Source for 8 years ago
dairymen.git Support for daily firming 3 years ago
damir.git my own repo 7 years ago
danen.git No commits
danenTanks.git 5 years ago
dar.git PKGBUILDs and binaries for... 6 years ago
darcs2git.git import darcs using fast-import 7 years ago
darcsweb.git A web interface for darcs 3 years ago
darkageonline.git mmorpg game based on reddwarf... andriy.stefanov... No commits
+ dash.git dash shell 5 months ago
dasher.git dasher mirror 2 weeks ago
dashstudio.git Dash Studio 8 years ago
Data-Peek.git A collection of low-level... 13 months ago
data_share.git No commits
DataExtract-FixedWidth.git DataExtract::FixedWidth 7 years ago
dataminer.git 5 years ago
davej-history.git Copy of Dave Jones history... 8 years ago
davical.git DAViCal CalDAV & CardDAV Server 2 years ago
dbenesj_diplomka.git 4 years ago
dboe.git Blades of Exile port to GTK, Qt 4 years ago
dbstuff.git Experimental code and stuff 4 years ago
dbus-cxx-async.git dbus-c++ async branch 6 years ago
dbus-hlid.git dbus-hlid 5 years ago
dbus-python-phuang.git 7 years ago
dbus4win.git Unified dbus... 5 years ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob... 7 years ago
dbwrap.git a simple wrapper for Python... 8 years ago
dc-seal.git Seal-dc development 4 years ago
dcbot.git Direct Connect bot written... 7 years ago
dconf.git dconf mirror 7 weeks ago
dcron.git dillon's lightweight cron... 4 years ago
dctm.git No commits
ddclient.git Perl client used to update... 9 days ago
ddnasgpl.git bootloader/linux kernel for... 4 years ago
de200vfd.git Driver for Noritake VFD in... 7 years ago
deary.git 7 years ago
deavidtest.git Test GIT repo for testing... 7 years ago
+ deb2zero.git create Zero Install feeds... 4 years ago
debian-git.git A mirror of's... 3 years ago
debian-id-ebook.git Ebook debian dalam bahasa... 3 years ago
+ debian-live-boot.git live-boot contains the scripts... 4 months ago
+ debian-live-build.git live-build is a set of scripts... 3 months ago
+ debian-live-config.git live-config contains the scrip... 4 months ago
debian-policy.git Debian Policy Manual and relat... 5 days ago
debian-ro-repo.git coordination repo for the... 6 years ago
debian_buildbot.git Buildbot Debian packaging 4 years ago
debiancodesearch.git Debian Code Search 2 weeks ago
debpaste-debian.git debpaste-debian - Debian packa... richih.mailinglist... 6 years ago
debpaste.git debpaste - a program to paste... richih.mailinglist... 6 years ago
debug_console.git A Gtk TextView that relies... 7 years ago
decibel-kopete-hacking.git Repo for sharing current ideas... 7 years ago
deck.blank.js.git 2 years ago
+ deck.js.git Github mirror of deck.js ... 9 months ago
decorate.git Python style decorators for... 7 years ago
dejagnu.git DejaGnu is a framework for... 2 weeks ago
dejan.git This is a sample project No commits
dejavu.git DejaVu git mirror kirr@landau.phys... 8 months ago
delete_vflash5.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
delete_vflash6.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
delete_vflash7.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
deliciousMeal.git Delicious Meal 7 years ago
+ delight.git programming language based... 7 years ago
delutions.git Various Bits of Code 6 years ago
demo_app.git Test repo for Training purposes No commits
DepGen-Perl-Tests.git Tests for RPM dependency gener... 2 years ago
deployable.git Tools for creating deployable... 4 weeks ago
deployinator.git 6 years ago
deployment-test.git 5 years ago
depot.git This is a command line tool... 2 years ago
depression.git 3 years ago
deps.git Dependency Extraction and... 6 years ago
deriving.git Enhancements to OCaml deriving... 3 years ago
desert.git Desert powder game tuxlover684+hsus... 5 years ago
deska.git Tool for an Administration... 4 years ago
desktopswitcher.git 12 years ago
detach.git run commands detached from... 8 years ago
DeToc.git MediaWiki extension to removes... 3 months ago
dev_sl.git 6 years ago
Devel-Leak.git 6 years ago
dfdiff.git Port diff from OpenBSD to... 7 years ago
dftpd.git Dumb FTP Server dupa@dupa.dupa 6 years ago
dia.git Dia CVS mirror 9 years ago
+ dialect-of-muzhy.git Komi-Zyrian dialect of Muzhy... 6 years ago
DialecticDocs.git mind mapping reinhold_oertel... No commits
dices.git dice game No commits
dict-fy_nl.git Western Frisian spelling dicti... 3 weeks ago
dictix.git A re-writen gnome-sound-recorder 4 years ago
didgmo.git DIDGeridoo sound MOdelling 7 years ago
diffit.git diffit - a git plugin for vim 5 years ago
diffractometer.git Tango Diffractometer Device picca@synchrotron... 4 years ago
+ diffutils.git GNU Diffutils mirror 5 days ago
dil.git dil is a hand-written compiler... 7 years ago
diouzhtu.git Gwiad Wiki Plugin 23 months ago
diplomippbx.git Diplom 6 years ago
dirac-decoder.git A dirac decoder implementing... No commits
+ dirac-research.git research/experimental dirac... 5 years ago
dirac-spec-errata.git My proposed corrections to... 3 years ago
dirac_parser.git A parser for the Dirac video... andrea.gabriellini... 7 years ago
disksdb.git disks db 5 years ago
dissertmsc.git 4 years ago
dist-zilla-plugin-prepender.git dist zilla plugin to prepend... 6 years ago
distributed.git A computational workload distr... 6 years ago
DistributedFileSystem.git 6 years ago
ditty.git X11 terminal emulator writtein... 6 months ago
ditz-commander.git My changes to ditz-commander 6 years ago
dive.git basic dive computer 2 years ago
diversif.git Concept for a disitributed... 8 years ago
django-adsense-site-auth.git Django app to help support... 6 years ago
django.git Mirror of the django web framework 7 years ago
django403.git Default 403 handler for Django... 3 years ago
djyos.git git for djyos development 6 years ago
dk_test.git No commits
dm-merge.git Merge a copy-on-write exceptio... 6 years ago
dmenu_hack.git Hacking dmenu to display compu... anish19kumar@yahoo... 5 years ago
dmsetup-tc.git Mount TrueCrypt(R)ed Windows... 3 years ago
dmvccm.git DMVCCM parser 5 years ago
DND.git It's a diagram editor written... 6 years ago
dnglaze.git 6 years ago
dns.git 3 years ago
dnsmasq-china-list.git Accelerate Chinese Domains... 2 days ago
do_git.git Learn git 6 years ago
doc.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
docbook-zh.git Docbook for chinese 7 years ago
docbook.git 3 years ago
dockapps.git Window Maker dockapps collection 5 days ago
docs.git 4 years ago
+ docutils.git docutils git mirror 3 weeks ago
doko.git 5 years ago
+ dokuwiki.git 37 hours ago
dolphin.git Dolphin, the Gamecube and... 5 years ago
dom-editor.git GTK-based XML editor 6 years ago
donaciones.git Rails app for donations collection 7 years ago
donde.git donde 6 years ago
doozer.git A fixture building framework... 8 years ago
dormin.git Dormin 2 years ago
dos-tasm-exercises.git 8086/80286: Simple examples... 7 years ago
dot.files-spletnik.git Common dot files 4 years ago
dotbot.git A tool that bootstraps your... 3 hours ago
Dotbuddy.git A System to backup and distrib... Jon@liquidbread... 7 years ago
dotfiles.git my dotfiles No commits
dotfilesaldo.git 17 months ago
dotmk.git GNU Make made easy 5 years ago
dotnetoauth.git OAuth running on .NET 7 years ago
dotnetopenid.git C# implementation of OpenID 5 years ago
dottout.git Dottout overlay 5 years ago
double-file-scanner.git Tool for scanning for duplicat... 18 months ago
dough.git A experimental personal financ... No commits
dowkd.git Debian OpenSSL Weak Key Detector 7 years ago
downloader.git No commits
dpadhero2.git Homebrew NES game D-Pad Hero 2 5 years ago
dpim.git distributed Python IM 7 years ago
+ dpkg.git Debian package management... 11 days ago
DPP.git No commits
dpp_01.git homework DPP No commits
+ dracut.git Dracut is a new initramfs... 6 months ago
draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming.git Naming IPv6 address parts 4 years ago
draft-hartmann-default-port-for-irc-via-tls-ssl.git Public repository for draft... richih.mailinglist... 3 years ago
+ dragbox.git connect command line and desktop 7 years ago
DragonCastel.git No commits
+ dragonfly.git DragonFly BSD from CVS 5 years ago
dragora.git Dragora - an independent GNU... 2 days ago
dreamingfighter.git No commits
dribble.git a football manager game 7 years ago
DrillAir.git No commits
drivenc.git Fast BDE 7 years ago
driver-gen.git Automated driver generation 5 years ago
drivtest.git test No commits
drlvm.git Apache Harmony DRLVM 6 years ago
+ dropbear.git Unofficial git mirror of Dropb... 5 years ago
drsuapi_dissector.git DRSUAPI dissector for Wireshar... kamen.mazdrashki... 5 years ago
drup.git No commits
drupal-qb.git 5 years ago
drupal.git Drupal open source CMS using PHP 8 years ago
drupal7_helloworld.git No commits
drupal_comment_timer.git Comment Timer Drupal module... 5 years ago
drupal_ctmail.git Sends a mail to assignee of... 5 years ago
drupal_ctog.git Glue CT with OG 5 years ago
drupal_langcheck.git Language Checker Drupal module... 6 years ago
drupal_tabor_2010.git Code samples for Drupal Tabor 5 years ago
drupal_tuksi02.git Various #tuksi02 homeworks. 5 years ago
drupal_versioncontrol_git.git GIT Version Control API Module 8 years ago
ds-lab1.git 5 years ago
dsadsa.git dsadsa@dsadsa No commits
dsound-openal.git A DirectSound wrapper for... 4 years ago
dtas.git duct tape audio suite for... 6 days ago
dtgmacs.git dtg's emacs configurations No commits
DTRules.git Decision Table based Rules... 6 years ago
dtrules.git Java Based Rules Engine 7 years ago
DTRulesParser.git A DSL Parser for DTRules 7 years ago
DTRulesScanner.git Scanner for DSL for DTRules 7 years ago
dtube-test.git A test of telepathy dtubes 6 years ago
ducklingcpu.git Toy ISA in Prolog 17 months ago
Dulunche.git Code of Dulunche No commits
dumbwifi.git The stupid but effective netwo... 5 years ago
dummy.git 3 years ago
dump_lv1_console_buffer.git mirror.. in... 4 years ago
dutest.git docutils git mirror 3 weeks ago
dvddb.git No commits
dvtm.git dynamic virtual terminal manag... 2 weeks ago
dvx.git Death Valley X - the Openmoko... 7 years ago
dw-class2.git Dokuwiki Edux Classification... 4 years ago
dwaf.git Datadriven web application... 5 years ago
dwarf.git datadriven web application... No commits
+ dwarves.git Pahole and other DWARF utils 2 months ago
dwm-dread.git dwm with patches I've collecte... No commits
dwm-status.git A simple tool I use to refresh... 4 years ago
dwm-win32.git dwm-win32 dynamic window manag... 14 months ago
dxcommon.git Assorted scripts and snippets... 17 months ago
dynamic-remote.git An experiment with dynamic... 4 years ago
DynamicAudioNormalizer.git Advanced Audio Normalization... 6 months ago
dyskinesia.git Dyscinesia -- Qt4 PSYC client 2 months ago
e.git The Enlightenment project 7 years ago
+ e2fsprogs.git Ext 2/3/4 filesystem utilities 2 months ago
e_cidadania.git e-cidadania is an open source... oscar@cidadania... 2 years ago
e_dbus.git efl - e_dbus 2 years ago
easylife.git No commits
easyotp.git Practical implementation of... 7 years ago
easytest.git No commits
ebb.git web server 7 years ago
ebib.git A BibTeX database manager... 4 years ago
eblob.git libeblob is an append-only... 2 years ago
eboat.git LFS based mini-system 7 years ago
ebuild-toys.git Toys for playing with ebuilds 7 years ago
ebuildfind.git gentoo overlays search engine amirouche.boubekki... 6 years ago
EbutAssistant.git No commits
ecarlesso_cv.git My personal CV 6 years ago
eclim-emacs.git A frontend to eclim 6 years ago
eclipse-cdt-deb.git Eclipse C/C++ development... No commits
eclipsethinslicer.git Thin Slicing Eclipse Research... 7 years ago
eco.git A simple text editor 3 years ago
ecomupi.git Sistema en linea para Eco... 6 years ago
econ-estimation.git No commits
EconoBoard.git Cheap Implementation Of SmartB... 6 years ago
econsole.git No commits
ecore.git efl - ecore 3 years ago
ecp_lsfp.git ECP -- Elearning Community... 14 months ago
ecp_lsfp_soaps.git SOAP server for the LSF push... 15 months ago
ecs.git ECS -- Elearning Community... 10 days ago
ecs_templates.git Rails templates for ECS config... Heiko.Bernloehr... 9 months ago
ecs_vip_ilias.git ECS-VIP API Heiko.Bernloehr... No commits
ecs_vip_ilias_spec.git Specification for integrating... Heiko.Bernloehr... 9 months ago
ecsa_docu.git Documentation of ECSA Heiko.Bernloehr... 17 months ago
ectags.git Exuberant Ctags Support for... 7 years ago
ed1t.git simple editor library in C++ 3 years ago
eddie.git No commits
edesklets.git eDesklets repository 7 years ago
edje.git efl - edje 3 years ago
edje_lua.git Lua patch set for Edje 6 years ago
edk2.git EDK2 Git Mirror 6 years ago Educational data 7 years ago
eet.git efl - eet 3 years ago
eeze.git efl - eeze 3 years ago
efl-launcher.git custom version of the netbook... 4 years ago
efreet.git efl - efreet 3 years ago
egatrop.git Source package manager. 7 years ago
+ egit.git Eclipse Git Team Provider 5 years ago
eglibc.git No commits
ego.git E Goes Online 7 years ago
egui.git egui devlopment No commits
eidogo-ojd.git EidoGO OpenJosekiDatabase... 8 years ago
eidogo.git web-based go software 7 years ago
eigenmath-fx.git Eigenmath CAS engin port to... 8 months ago
eina.git efl - eina 3 years ago
eineseite.git Series of small documents... 3 months ago
eio.git efl - eio 3 years ago
ejptest.git No commits
ekto.git Lua fork, that writes platform... 7 years ago
el-heresy.git Porting the cl-heresy lazy... 4 years ago
elasticore.git elastiCore is a high-level... 2 years ago
elbb.git Emacs Lisp Bill-Board 5 years ago
elc2009.git No commits
electionapp.git Election system for the Philip... No commits
element.git ruby data-web tools carmen@whats-your... 2 years ago
elementary.git efl - elementary 2 years ago
eleutheria.git A collection of C codes for... 6 years ago
elevator.git No commits
elgg.git Elgg Social Networking Platform 8 years ago
elgg_plugins.git Elgg Plugins 8 years ago
+ elinks.git The ultimate text WWW browser 6 days ago
elinstall.git Elisp installer for emacs 5 years ago
elisamyth.git A MythTV plugin for Elisa steve@secomputing... 8 years ago
elliptics.git Elliptics network is a fault... 2 years ago
elvi.git No commits
EmacPrimer.git vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... No commits
emacs-color-theme.git Color Themes for GNU Emacs colortheme.rpdillon... 6 years ago
emacs-config.git My Emacs config No commits
emacs-helper.git 2 weeks ago
emacs-jabber-tox.git 7 years ago
emacs-jabber-www.git 6 years ago
emacs-jabber.git 3 years ago
emacs-ubuntu.git Custom Emacs packaging for... 5 years ago
emacs.d.git Personal Emacs configuration. acolak@cs.otago... 3 months ago
+ emacs.git Emacs repository mirror 3 hours ago
emacsbook.git 2 years ago
emacsprimer.git Emacs Primer vaidheeswaran.chinnaraju... 8 months ago
email-reminder.git send event reminders by email 13 months ago
embea.git Yet another Rails message... 8 years ago
embryo.git efl - embryo 3 years ago
emdebian-crush-toolchain.git toolchain for emdebian crush 6 years ago
emesene_autocomplete.git A plugin/hack to enable autoco... 7 years ago
emesene_imitate.git Imitate plug-in for emesene 7 years ago
EMFCompare.git Eclipse framework to compare... No commits
EMFCompare2.git Eclipse foundation framework... 3 days ago
emfmo.git 4 years ago
emfmo2.git 4 years ago
emiya.git Loves Saber 5 years ago
empathy-mirror.git empathy mirror 12 days ago
+ empathy.git Instant messaging client using... 6 years ago
empire.git Clone of an old Atari ST game benjamin.kircher... 7 years ago
encryption-suite.git 5 years ago
encyclr.git tweedepede! 6 years ago
endo_workouts.git endomondo wordpress plugin No commits
energimaaling.git sem oppg energimaaling 5 years ago
engrid-github.git This is a mirror repository... 7 weeks ago
engrid.git Clone of the official engrid... 2 years ago
enigmagame.git Enigma is a puzzle game inspir... geoff@programmer... 4 years ago
enJine.git zx spectrum firefly-like engine 4 years ago
enkel.git Python web development library 8 years ago
enki.git Moved to http://gitorious... 8 years ago
enlightenment.git enlightenment wm 2 years ago
enmind.git No commits
eno.git sebas@zaffarano... No commits
Environment_for_PhD-thesis.git A literate presentation (LaTeX... emanuelheitlinger... No commits
ephemerata.git ephemerata 7 years ago
ephy-history.git 8 years ago
ephy-soc.git GNOME Epiphany SoC Project 8 years ago
epichord.git midi sequencer 6 years ago
epimarket.git No commits
EPlayer.git MPlayer functionality clone... No commits
epoint.git epoint transaction system 4 years ago
eproject.git project workspaces for emacs 4 years ago
eraytracer.git Erlang Raytracer 7 years ago
eredelflips.git kielhorn.martin... No commits
erlware-mode.git Erlware Erlang Emacs Mode 6 years ago
erlware-site.git Erlware Website 7 years ago
eruntime.git Extensible IRCd Runtime 8 years ago
escm.git exa scheme 7 years ago
esinf.git esinf 6 years ago
eskdx.git eskdx git mirror 3 years ago
esl-toolbox.git 5 years ago
esp.home.git My Java Examples made public 6 years ago
Especificacion.git No commits
espresso9.git 9P- and java-based grid enviro... No commits
espressomd.git Extensible Simulation Package... 34 hours ago
ess.git Emacs Speaks Statistics 8 years ago
estigi.git Estigi CMS 5 years ago
et35.git asd 5 years ago
etc.git 3 years ago
ETest.git Emacs Test Framework etest@shellarchive... 7 years ago
etm.git etm ("ennemmin tai my�hemmin... No commits
etorrent.git Bittorrent client in erlang jesper.louis.andersen... 6 years ago
ETSv2.git fgb No commits
etx.d.git PieceTable based on balanced... 17 months ago
EugenFactory.git No commits
euler-clojure.git 5 years ago
euler-scala.git 5 years ago
eval.git Eval written in ruby No commits
evas.git efl - evas 3 years ago
evas_quartz.git The SoC Evas engine for Quartz. 7 years ago
evdl.git Emacs Video Downloader 6 years ago
event_calendar.git An event calendar system for... 5 years ago
event_calendar_module.git An event calendar module for... 5 years ago
+ eventxx.git eventxx is a simple, direct... 8 years ago
evil-testing-action.git No commits
+ evilwm.git A minimalist window manager... 6 years ago
evolution-data-server.git evolution-data-server mirror 114 min ago
evolution.git evolution mirror 2 days ago
evolve-layout.git Evolve keyboard layouts 5 years ago
examen_monroy_lopez.git 3 years ago
exass.git exass No commits
exciting.git FP-LAPW 7 years ago
excusa.git Effective XML Communication... 7 years ago
exheres-really-unofficial.git Highly UNOFFICIAL exheres 6 years ago
express.git 2 years ago
+ ext4-patch-queue.git Ext4 Patch Queue 25 hours ago
exterlulz-kokogems.git kokogems is a fork of JewelToy 5 years ago
exterlulz-kokomonds.git a fork of JewelToy 5 years ago
exterlulz-musk.git an adventure game engine 5 years ago
extern.git Extern tests for the Ideal... No commits
externtests.git The Ideal Library extern tests No commits
extl.git a c++ generic library 6 years ago
extutils-builder.git 8 months ago
ExtUtils-XBuilder.git Perl5 module for building... 3 years ago
ezcert.git Create various types of certif... 11 months ago
ezgdi.git gdi++ ported to easyhook ... 5 years ago
f1lt.git Live Timing 22 months ago
f432xdd.git Private repo! 5 years ago
fabioemacs.git fabio.p.fortkamp... No commits
facafesta.git 5 years ago
faces-project.git a git repo for faces project... 7 years ago
+ factor.git Factor programming language 3 weeks ago
fada.git fada No commits
fadalib.git An instance-wise dependence... No commits
fail.git OpenGL game engine 6 years ago
fairytoo.git GNAP portage vadim.kuznetsov... 6 years ago
faqr.git Parse logs (initially from... 8 years ago
FaRetSys.git FaRetSys -- extensible image... 7 years ago
FarornasGrotta.git No commits
farseer313.git 推荐系统 No commits
+ fast-export.git Programs to feed git-fast... frej.drejhammar... 8 days ago
fast-recs-collate.git a fast version of recs-collate 8 years ago
fax-sipgate.git send fax via commandline using... 7 years ago
fayland.git Fayland Lam's CPAN mirror 8 years ago
fbff.git A small ffmpeg-based framebuff... 8 months ago
fbpad.git A small linux framebuffer... 11 months ago
fbpad_mkfn.git create fbpad font files 2 weeks ago
fbpdf.git A small framebuffer pdf viewer 2 months ago
fbsplash.git fbsplash is a userspace implem... 4 years ago
fbv.git View pictures on a linux frame... 19 months ago
fbvis.git A framebuffer image viewer 8 weeks ago
fbvnc.git A small linux framebuffer... 2 years ago
fcgi2.git 12 years ago
fdr-django.git django hacks and patches 7 years ago
fedora-idea.git Patches for IntelliJ IDEA... 5 years ago
Fedora-Rebuild.git Rebuilds Fedora packages from... 8 months ago
Fedora-VSP.git Perl version normalization... 3 months ago
feedhandler.git Feed Handler for the Maemo... 6 years ago
FeedLint.git check your Zero Install feeds 6 months ago
feedtomail.git A tool to convert RSS feed... No commits
fegdk.git 3d game engine 7 years ago
felt.git Unofficial felt repo panagiotis@vossos... 4 years ago
ferm.git ferm is a tool to maintain... 2 months ago
Ferri.git Página de transportes personal@jonatan... No commits
ffado.git Free Firewire Audio Drivers adi@drcomp.erfurt... 14 months ago
ffmpeg-lucabe.git lucabe's unfinished and experi... 6 years ago
+ FFMpeg-mirror.git Mirror of the official FFMpeg... 4 years ago
ffmpeg.git 8 hours ago
fforms.git little GUI 5 months ago
fic.git Fractal Image Compressor 4 years ago
fidl.git Flexible IDL compiler 5 years ago
figfs.git FUSE interface to Git (gitfs... 6 years ago
figgis.git My collection of python script... No commits
Fiinger.git wiimote driver + useful... 7 years ago
filehash.git filehash package for R 7 years ago
fileset-whole.git extension to emacs filesets 2 years ago
filesystem.git No commits
filesystems.git No commits
filippa.git No commits
filippa5.git No commits
fillybot.git SweetieBelle on 23 months ago
fim-ctu.git Collective Training Unit ... 3 years ago
fin.git Personal finance management... matan.nassau+fin... 8 years ago
final_edu.git Final work for solis FCFM... 7 years ago
+ findutils.git GNU findutils 7 years ago
fipac.git netfilter-based IP accounting... 6 years ago
fireholvi.git IPv6 support for the firehol... 2 years ago
firemac.git C# Carbon Apis wrapper for mac sebastian.faltoni... 8 years ago
FireMan.git A firefox extension for viewin... 6 years ago
firewire-audio.git AMDTP streaming driver for... 4 years ago
firsttestproject.git a test project No commits
fisted.git testrepo 4 years ago
fittowidth.git Fit to width extension for... 5 years ago
+ fixup.git 3 years ago
fjfix.git fjfix is a tool for handling... 5 years ago
fkalinski.git No commits
fkvm-libfkvm.git FreeBSD kvm: Userspace library 6 years ago
fl.git foundation libraries and usefu... No commits
flac.git sehgtrvdgbeinhc... 3 days ago
flail.git 7 years ago
FlappyCoin.git Flappy crypto coin No commits
flare.git Flare Image Library 3 years ago
flash.git No commits
flash_test_lucho.git No commits
flbase.git No commits
flev.git No commits
flexforms.git simple GUI based on concept... 4 weeks ago
flexiname.git FlexiName Batch file renamer 8 years ago
flgl.git No commits
FlickrHacks.git Shared Developments of Flickr... 7 years ago
+ flightgear.git FlightGear flight simulator 6 years ago
flinter.git No commits
flnet.git No commits
flog.git Flog - The F logging library 6 years ago
flora.git unmoderated anonymous message... No commits
flowerepo.git tails No commits
flowgrind.git generate traffic among hosts... daniel.schaffrath... 7 years ago
flowplayerorg.git Web site 8 years ago
fls.git No commits
flub.git Public repository for Forth... 2 years ago
fluffyball.git Fluffy ball - computer interfa... 4 years ago
flumotion.git Flumotion is a streaming media... No commits
fmail.git Small and hightly modular... 7 years ago
fmdb.git git-svn mirror of FMDB 7 years ago
fmtools.git radio tuner program for Linux 2 years ago
fnv.git FNV library binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 6 years ago
foam-extend-3.0.git The foam-extend project is... 19 months ago
foam-extend-3.1.git The foam-extend project is... 4 months ago
foam-extend-3.2.git The foam-extend project is... 3 days ago
Fobs.git Fobs project repository 7 years ago
fofix-beatsteaks.git No commits
Folio.git Simple web application for... 7 years ago
foo.git Foo project aoeu@aoeu.aoeu 8 years ago
foo123.git No commits
foo_spam.git X-Chat / Irssi / WeeChat scrip... 5 years ago
for-me-and-for-all_imz.git For me and for all. (Notes... 4 years ago
forms.git UI C++ library, App framework 7 years ago
forthern.git 4 years ago
forthwiki.git simple wiki in SP-Forth 6 years ago
fortune-ro-secularism.git Fortunes for Romanian speaking... 5 years ago
fpbd-bostik.git Online poker tracking tool... bostik-pdb@bostik... 4 years ago
fpdb-dooglus.git free poker database 4 years ago
fpgammix.git FPGA implementation of Knuth... 7 years ago
fpgaspaceinvaders.git Space invaders made in vhdl. No commits
fprog-geo-gusev.git No commits
fpuga.git fpuga scripts 3 years ago
fquery.git A fast replacement for equery 15 months ago
frac.git Continued fraction C library. 8 months ago
fractal.git fractal is a revolutionary PIM 7 years ago
fractalbiscuit.git fractalbiscuit is a small... andybalaam@artificialworl... 7 years ago
framadate-sandstorm.git package for Frama... 6 months ago
frameshot.git Frame-accurate video grabber. 7 years ago
framework.git framework 19 months ago
francois.git No commits
free-mc.git OSS-QM Packages 5 years ago
freebbs.git Anonymous Bulletin Board System No commits
+ freebsd-src.git FreeBSD src converted from svn 2 years ago
+ freeciv.git 'Cause Civilization should... 2 hours ago
freedoom.git create a complete Doom II... mikeonthecomputer... No commits
freeems-vanilla.git FreeEMS - The open source... 8 months ago
+ freefoam.git a fork of OpenFOAM to use... 3 years ago
FreeGeek.git development site No commits
freelifer.git No commits
freeonrails.git Rails application for FreeOnRa... 8 years ago
FreeRecite.git This software is used to recit... 6 years ago
freespace.git free space for android project 3 years ago
freeto.git a webkit based browser, BSD... 6 years ago
frickel.git Frickel electronic workshop... frickel-git@ext... 6 years ago
fridhskrift.git fridhskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 6 years ago
friendphoto.git No commits
fripost-materials.git Propaganda materials for Fripo... 4 years ago
fripost-meetings.git Meeting minuets for Fripost... 4 years ago
fripost-web.git Homepage of Fripost, the assoc... 4 years ago
frith-skrift.git Frithskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... 6 years ago
frithskrift.git Frithskrift binrapt@ethnic.atheist... No commits
Frost_Slovak.git Slovak translation of Frost No commits
Frost_Slovak_Translation.git Not the whole projcet - just... No commits
frozenviper.git Frozen Viper is an apartment... 5 years ago
frunner-wpf.git No commits
fsck.sofs09.git File system checker for sofs09. 5 years ago
fse.git se example 6 years ago
fso-gpsd.git fso-gpsd 6 years ago
fso-makefile.git fso-makefile 6 years ago
fso-monitord.git Freesmartphone fso-monitord 6 years ago
fst.git FreeST host under linux 5 years ago
fstk.git The git repository of fstk... 5 years ago
FSViewer.git The FSViewer file browser No commits
fsviewer.git The FSViewer file browser 2 years ago
fswebcam.git Small and simple webcam softwa... 6 years ago
ftg.git The aim of the FTG is to suppo... 2 years ago
fucikdan.git No commits
fucikdan2.git No commits
fucikdan3.git No commits
fucikdan4.git No commits
Fumo.git The Fumo Smoke Server fumo@shellarchive... 7 years ago
funambol-citadel-connector.git Funambol Citadel Connector matt@mcbridematt... 5 years ago
funambol-groupdav-connector.git Funambol GroupDAV Connector matt@mcbridematt... 5 years ago
funambol-sw.git Funambol for Blackberry plugin... 7 years ago
funkshun.git Попытки штангизма 15 hours ago
Funky.git Funky embeddable interpreter... ronald@landheer... 7 years ago
funnysort.git Simple sorting (allegedly... noemail@nohost.nodomain 5 years ago
furry-nemesis.git furry-nemesis, a place to... 3 years ago
fuse-mediawiki.git A FUSE filesystem for editing... 6 years ago
fuse.git mirror for fuse 4 months ago
+ fusedav.git FUSE driver for WebDAV 19 months ago
fusion.git Fusion for Tremulous 7 years ago
fuzed.git YAWS frontend for Rails Applic... 8 years ago
fuzzy.git basic fuzzy logic functions... 4 years ago
fuzzy_alarm_clock.git An alarm clock that doesn... 3 years ago
fvs_assignment_project.git assignment fvs project 2 years ago
fvwm-themes.git CVS import of fvwm-themes... 5 years ago
fvwm.git CVS import of FVWM to Git. 14 months ago
fw-test.git 3rdparty blobs repo No commits
fwz-overlay.git a personal overlay for Gentoo... 7 years ago
FYD.git It's an open source video... No commits
g-gem.git g-cpan alternative for rubygems 9 years ago
g2d.git asus g 7 years ago
gae-samples.git gae-samples git mirror 2 years ago
gae.git google appengine git mirror 2 months ago
gaeig.git google application engine... No commits
gaetalk.git 4 years ago
gafinum-samples.git My experiments on TDD and... No commits
gaie.git google application engine... No commits
gaieg.git google application engine... No commits
gaitianxia.git gaitianxia No commits
gaixie.git Modular web applications based... 6 years ago
gajim.git git mirror of the gajim repo 4 years ago
galago.git Search engine toolkit 8 years ago
galan.git modular synth sequencer using... 5 years ago
GalaxyBlog.git 3 days ago
GalaxyCodeBases.git A place to share codes with... 41 hours ago
galtack.git GalTacK public@felixrabe... 8 years ago
gamazons.git Gamazons christoph@debian... 7 years ago
gambit-c.git The Gambit Scheme system is... 3 years ago
GameDataBase.git servlets + jsp + classes 5 years ago
gamefox.git A Firefox extension that enhan... 3 years ago
gamergate.git 15 months ago
games-railroad.git moved to No commits
games-risk.git classical risk board game No commits
gammaray-debian.git Debian packaging of GammaRay... 4 years ago
gammu.git Gammu All Mobile Management... 3 years ago
gandalfml_phpMyAdmin.git changes with I introduce into... No commits
ganeti_webmgr.git It is mirror hosting of git... 21 months ago
gans.git atmos control No commits
ganymede.git Ganymede Directory Mastering... 15 months ago
gary-mi-study.git for study git 3 years ago
gaul-genprog.git Genetic Programming example... 3 years ago
gazelle.git a system for building fast... 7 years ago
gbricks.git 3 years ago
gc-utils.git Helpers scripts to interact... 7 years ago
gcalctool.git gcalctool mirror 2 years ago
gcap.git command line tool for retrievi... 4 years ago
gcc-git-mirror.git GNU GCC chromeosforchromebook... 15 hours ago
gcc-perf-regression-tester.git Performance regression tester... 4 years ago
gcc-vect-testsuite.git GCC vectorizer testsuite adapt... 4 years ago
gcc-wwwdocs.git GCC wwwdocs 5 years ago
+ gcc.git Mirror of all GCC SVN branches... 15 hours ago
gcopter.git A GPLed open source quad copter chow.ming.beijing... 6 years ago
gdal.git gdal git mirror 2 days ago
gdataplugin.git An opensync plugin for google... 7 years ago
+ gdb.git GDB/KDevelop 7 years ago
gdipp.git Customizable Windows text... 4 years ago
gdvolley.git A tiny crappy volleyball game. 6 years ago
geany-filetypes.git My geany filetype definitions thomas.martitz@student... No commits
+ geany-mirror.git A fast and lightweight IDE 9 days ago
geanydoc.git Geany documentation plugin 7 years ago
geanylatex.git Plugin for geany IDE to improv... 7 years ago
geanyprj.git Plugin for geany IDE that... 7 years ago
geanyvc.git Plugin for geany IDE to work... 7 years ago
gearbox.git Bringing network DMA/zero... 4 years ago
gears_using_shaders.git Ruby OpenGL Gears example... 5 years ago
gecko.git 4 hours ago
gecoder.git Ruby interface to gecode 8 years ago
+ geda-gaf.git geda-gaf git mirror 2 weeks ago
+ geda-gerbv.git gEDA/gerbv CVS import 4 years ago
+ geda-pcb.git gEDA/pcb CVS import 2 days ago
+ geda-xgsch2pcb.git Graphical front-end for the... geda@clifton-electronics... 3 years ago
gedit_cscope.git A Gedit frontend to CScope luigi.mantellini... 7 years ago
geek42.git No commits
geevi.git A small and simple GTK+ vi... 6 years ago
geiser.git Emacs and Scheme talk to each... 2 weeks ago
gemrb.git 5 years ago
gentoids-overlay.git Overlay contains some useful... No commits
gentoo-china-overlay.git China overlay git mirror 4 years ago
gentoo-diskmaster-overlay.git Diskmaster's overlay for gentoo. 7 years ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players... 2 weeks ago
gentoo-soor-overlay.git Gentoo ebuild overlay with... 7 years ago
gentoo-zh-testing.git No commits
gentoo-zh.git gentoo zh overlay 2 days ago
geo-icao.git Geo::ICAO - Perl module for... No commits
Geocode.git Geocoding Repository 7 years ago
geos.git geos git mirror 39 hours ago
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source... 3 weeks ago
gexconf.git graphically extensible configu... No commits
gf1.git GIPF for 1 - Play GIPF against... 6 years ago
gff3_validator.git Validate GFF3 files 5 years ago
gfh.git asdsad 11 years ago
+ gfxprim.git A simple 2D graphics library... jiri.bluebear.dluhos... 7 weeks ago
ggnore.git Realtime browsergame framework... 6 years ago
ghc.git Glasgow Haskell Compiler 5 hours ago
ghost.git Ghost codec (experimental) jean-marc.valin... 8 years ago Random text generator kai.lautaportti... 8 years ago
giddy.git Git Pickaxe Frontend 7 years ago
gifenc.git small C99 GIF encoder 2 months ago
+ giggle.git GTK+ git front-end 7 years ago
gimp-help-2.git 6 days ago
gimp-lqr-plugin-help.git GIMP LiquidRescale plug-in... No commits
gimp-lqr-plugin.git LiquidRescale plug-in for... 2 years ago
+ gimp.git GIMP is the GNU Image Manipula... 5 hours ago
+ girocco.git The duct tape ... 3 weeks ago
girtod.git GTK Bindings for the D program... 2 years ago
gis_road_main.git wuxianghui 5 years ago
git-blog.git Ridiculously minimalist blogwa... 7 years ago
git-browser-mirror.git 2 years ago
+ git-browser.git gitk-like web interface 4 months ago
git-build-vc9.git superproject for buiding git... 7 years ago
+ git-cheetah.git A platform-independent fileman... johannes.schindelin... 5 months ago
git-cola.git git-cola: A highly caffeinated... 35 hours ago
git-daemon2.git git:// and gits:// daemon ilari.liusvaara... 5 years ago
git-darcs-import.git Yet another darcs to git importer 7 years ago
git-dm.git Git Data Miner 4 weeks ago
git-export-filter.git A user and branch filter for... 9 months ago
git-ftp-sync.git Hook script to synchronize... 6 years ago
git-ftp.git Quick and dirty script for... 3 years ago
+ git-gui.git Tk based UI for Git 9 months ago
git-homepage.git The Git homepage 5 years ago
git-htmldocs.git Pre-formatted HTML documentati... 2 days ago
git-knacks.git A set of small git tools 8 years ago
git-manpages.git Pre-formatted manpages for Git 2 days ago
Git-Me-Secret-Mario-Chromicles.git This is just a gitified versi... 5 years ago
git-meld-toys.git Some experiments integrating... 6 years ago
git-modules-bs.git Some useful bash scripts to... 7 years ago
git-osx-installer.git Git OS X Installer Patch Sources 36 hours ago
git-plot.git Plotting for git 7 years ago
git-rebase2.git git-rebase2, advanced rebaser 3 months ago
git-scripts.git Some scripts for Git repositories 4 months ago
git-shortcuts.git Shortcut scripts for Git users... 4 years ago
git-show-merge-path.git git-show-merge-path can tell... 5 years ago
git-stats.git Git Statistics 6 years ago
git-subtree.git 3 years ago
git-test-merge.git test merge without recording... 7 years ago
+ Git-Test.git my home page No commits
git-test.git git testing 6 years ago
git-walkthrough-commit.git git walkthrough wmorgan-git-walkthrough... 7 years ago
+ git.git The Best VCS Around 23 hours ago
git2cl.git Convert git logs to GNU Change... 7 years ago
git2print.git 5 years ago
git2svn.git A tool to convert a git branch... 3 years ago
git_learn_by_hlren.git just to learn git No commits
git_nutshell_guides.git Git in a Nutshell 7 years ago
gitbackup.git Real-time backup script using Git 6 years ago
gitbuild.git Git VC Build Environment 6 years ago
gitcj-debian.git Build upstream Git built as... christian@jaeger... No commits
gitdemo.git No commits
gitenigma.git Copying CVS to git 6 years ago
+ giterdone.git Git & File-Browser integration 4 years ago
gitgitconfig.git save and restore .git/config... 2 years ago
gith.git This is a test 5 years ago
GitHooks.git A repository of different... 7 years ago
github-services.git github push hooks 4 years ago
gitjutsu.git a Git tutorial for anyone 6 years ago
gitk.git 7 weeks ago
gitlog.git A so-called "blog" with my... 6 years ago
+ gitmagic.git A guide to using Git 12 months ago
gitman-de.git The Git man pages - German... 7 years ago
gitManga.git A collection of collaborative... 5 years ago
gitology.git Git based blog/wiki system... 6 years ago
gitorious.git social git hosting webapp 9 months ago
+ gitosis.git gitosis -- software for hostin... 6 years ago
Gitpedia_The_Freely_Distributable_Encyclopedia.git The goal of gitpedia is to... 5 years ago
gitrb.git git ruby bindings 9 years ago
Gitrdone.git A git Porcelain in C# and... 8 years ago