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2012-04-29 Miriam RuizImproved Lab experimentmaster
2012-04-28 Miriam RuizAdd turns
2012-04-28 Miriam RuizInitial version of the Lab experiment
2012-04-28 Miriam RuizSeparate functions and detect goal
2012-04-28 Miriam RuizOnly collide with 'block' tiles
2012-04-23 Miriam RuizShow FPS in screen
2012-04-23 Miriam RuizUsing math.floor and math.ceil to detect bounding box
2012-04-21 Miriam RuizDon't show debug points
2012-04-21 Miriam RuizMake car game the default
2012-04-20 Miriam RuizFixed Collision
2012-04-20 Miriam RuizProper rotation of vehicles
2012-04-20 Miriam RuizFixed collision algorithm
2012-04-14 Miriam RuizImproved code and added starting code for vehicles
2012-04-06 Miriam RuizFixed some PlanetCute tiles and improved the map a...
2012-04-06 Miriam RuizPlayer Layer now indicates its Control Layer through...
2012-04-04 Miriam RuizRemoved old file
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